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Saptvarga Readings

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In Vedic Astrology, the whole zodiac has been divided into 12 equal parts called zodiac signs or rashi. To get even deeper information about different aspects of life these rashis are further divided into several smaller divisions or varga called divisional charts. These divisional charts give the most enhanced view of an individual’s life. Generally, astrologers avoid reading them either due to lack of knowledge or the hard work it demands. It requires a great amount of knowledge and expertise to get a hold over them. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra narrates any prediction made without referring to divisional charts is shallow and might turn wrong. Thus, to understand any life event correctly, it is necessary to give due importance to divisional charts. The shadvarga readings involve readings of 6 charts altogether. A specific planet undergoes an inspection for at least 6 times as compared to just reading it in the lagna chart. This helps to reveal its true nature and role it plays in an individual’s life. 


It is seen if a planet is placed in its own, moolatrikona, exaltation or friendly sign in 6 different charts. The placement of the planet in any of these signs renders it very strong for that particular chart. In each divisional chart where the planet occupies any of these mentioned categories is given a count. Based on such count of the position in different divisional charts for the planet, it is said to occupy a particular amsa (the higher the amsa, the stronger are the results).


Shadvarga literally means six charts and they include

  1. Birth chart – Body and over all well-being

  2. Hora chart- Wealth and materialistic accumulation of the native

  3. Drekkana chart- Siblings and their lives, your relations with them

  4. Saptamsha chart- Progeny and happiness derived from children

  5. Navamsha chart- Married life and spouse. This is the supporting and prime most important chart after the birth chart 

  6. Dwadshamsa chart- Parents, their health and support in your life

  7. Vishamsha chart- Spiritual progress and working of your sub conscious mind.


These 6 charts are checked collectively to understand what role a specific planet is playing in the native’s life. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi ji deeply analyzes the position and placement of each planet in relation to these 6 different charts. He might be applying even more for reference! This helps to get the crystal clear view of what’s happening in a native’s life. The root cause is visible and is effectively cured. Based on its position in any of the amass, a planet is called to occupy any of these states

  1. Kimsukaamsa

  2. Vyanjanaamsa

  3. Chaamaraamsa

  4. Chatraamsa

  5. Kundalaamsa


A planet placed in any of these amass becomes stronger to give results. It is further analyzed to understand its true results. The sadvarga analysis helps the native to understand the past, present and future occurrences in different areas of life. After a Sahdvarga analysis a native may make out-

  1. The reasons for troubles and miseries in life

  2. Different strong and weak areas of life

  3. Happiness or sorrows derived through children, relations, career and wealth

  4. Correct estimation of good and bad periods in life

  5. Birth time rectification if any

  6. Spiritual consciousness

  7. Past life connections

  8. Karma rectification

  9. Most effective astrological measures to overcome detected problems 

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