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Dasavarga Readings

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In Vedic Astrology, the bhachakra has been divided into 12 zodiac signs called rashi or zodiac sign. To get the finer depiction of different aspects of life these zodiac signs are further divided into several divisions or varga groups. These divisional charts are studied to get the most enhanced view of someone’s life. The divisional charts are probably checked by any astrologer and a great amount of knowledge and expertise is required to get a hold over them. Sage Parashara has described that predictions made without referring the divisional charts might be wrong. Thus, to understand any life event it is necessary to give due importance to varga charts. 


The dasa varga readings involve readings of 10 divisional charts. The specific planet undergoes the inspection for at least 10 times as compared to just looking at it in the birth chart. This helps to reveal its true nature and role it plays in an individual’s life.  


It is seen if a planet is in its own, moolatrikona, exaltation or friendly sign in these different 10 charts. The placement of the planet in these signs renders it very strong. Each group of divisional chart where the planet occupies any of these mentioned categories is given a count. Based on such count of the position in different divisional charts for the planet, it is said to occupy a particular amsa (the higher the amsa, the stronger is the planet).


Different Dasavarga charts

The meaning of Dasavarga is a group of ten divisions. It includes the following divisional charts: 

  1. Birth chart – Body and over all well-being

  2. Hora chart- Wealth and materialistic accumulation of the native

  3. Drekkana chart- Siblings and their lives, your relations with them

  4. Saptamsha chart- Progeny and happiness derived from children

  5. Navamsha chart- Married life and spouse. This is the supporting and prime most important chart after the birth chart  

  6. Dashmansa chart- Career, profession, business and work 

  7. Dwadshamsa chart- Parents, their health and support in your life

  8. Shodashamsa chart- Happiness of vehicles and property in life

  9. Vishamsha chart- Spiritual progress and working of your sub conscious mind

  10. Shashtiamsha chart- The smallest divison and has been given the highest importance by the seers to get the focused view of all the above charts.  

A planet may occupy the following amsa on the basis of its placement in mooltrikona, own, friendly and exaltation sign in these 10 divisional charts- 

  1. Paarijaataamsa

  2. Uttamaamsa

  3. Gopuraamsa

  4. Simhaasanaamsa

  5. Paaraavataamsa

  6. Devalokaamsa

  7. Brahmalokamsa

  8. Airaavataamsa

  9. Sreedhaamaamsa

Any planet placed in any of these amsas becomes very strong and brings excellent results to the native belonging to that particular divisional chart or division of life. A great deal of knowledge is required to analyze these charts altogether. A native is certain to get the most valuable hints about life and the ways to overcome troubles in life. A planet placed in simhaasanaamsa can make the native very famous in its dasha. But the need is to find out its position in relation to different charts. The reading explains all unsolved mysteries of life for the native. An individual after a dasavarga reading may understand-

  1. The strong and weak parts of life

  2. The true role of different planets and karakas

  3. The most benefic and influential time period

  4. Birth time rectification if any

  5. The past accumulated karmas and their relations in present life

  6. The interruption at one’s subconscious levels

  7. The karma rectification and planetary alignment techniques

  8. The astrological remedies to rectify complex and major issues in life    

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