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Consultation for Pre-Marriage Counselling

$ 480.00

Embarking on the journey of marriage is a significant step, and our Pre-Marriage Counselling Consultation with Dr Vinay Bajrangi aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of various facets that can shape your marital future.

In this exclusive service, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with Dr. Bajrangi. Before your consultation session, we will collect your birth details, which he will meticulously analyse using relevant divisional charts. During your session, he will provide insights into the underlying causes of your concerns and when you can expect a resolution. Furthermore, he will offer guidance on any necessary karmic corrections and remedial measures.

During this consultation, you can look forward to delving deep into the following areas:

Insights into the Prospects of Your Married Life: Dr. Bajrangi's expertise in astrology and divination techniques will shed light on the potential dynamics of your married life. You'll gain valuable insights into what lies ahead, including the challenges and opportunities that may arise.

Precautions for a Harmonious Life Post-Marriage: Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and nurturing a harmonious relationship is crucial. Dr. Bajrangi will provide practical advice and guidance on the precautions you can take to foster a peaceful and fulfilling life together after marriage.

Compatibility Assessment with Your Prospective Life Partner: Discovering how well you and your future life partner align on various levels is essential for a successful marriage. Dr. Bajrangi will assess your compatibility using astrological and divination tools, helping you understand your relationship's strengths and potential growth areas.

Answers to Any Other Questions You May Have: Every individual's concerns and queries may vary. In addition to the core areas mentioned, Dr. Bajrangi will be available to address any specific questions or doubts you may have related to your pre-marriage concerns. This consultation is tailored to provide you with personalized insights and solutions.

Consultation Timeline: You can schedule a personal appointment, a telephonic consultation, or a virtual meeting via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, all designed to accommodate your preferences and convenience. After you confirm your registration for the consultation session, our dedicated team will promptly schedule your appointment within 4-5 working days. We will ensure that the chosen time slot aligns with your schedule for a seamless consultation experience. This generous 20 to 30 minutes session promises to be a comprehensive journey into the heart of your astrological worries.

Important Note

Please note that this consultation is dedicated exclusively to the above-mentioned area of concern. This ensures you receive the most comprehensive and personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation.