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Consultation for Past Life Reading

$ 400.00

In this past life consultation service, you have two options. You can either directly speak to Dr Vinay Bajrangi through an online session or opt for Voice or Written Report from him. Here we will take your birth details beforehand which he will pre-review it with relevant divisional charts. Then he will tell you the reasons causing such concern and when will this be resolved, and what karmic corrections and remedial measures ( if any) you should follow to come out of this problem. 
Through this consultation, you will know:
What do you understand by Past Life Reading?
Even after everything going well, why don't get the desired results?
If yes, then it may be happening due to your past life deeds?
How can we reduce its impact and what to do to correct the flawed deeds of the past life?
What is the role of past life in your Birth Chart?
Any other query regarding this issue will also be addressed.
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Past Life Reading Consultation in case you have not already read.
Timeline for the consultation: After your confirmed registration for the consultation session, we generally take 5-6 working days to line up your session on a mutually convenient time slot or send you a comprehensive Voice or Written report of Past life reading. 

Note: Please note that this consultation will be confined specifically to the above area of concern only.