Consultation for Perfect Baby Name  123

Consultation for Perfect Baby Name

$ 200.00

Consultation for Perfect Baby Name

In this service, you will directly interact with Dr. Bajrangi. Here we will take your birth details, your current business name (if any) and your business type, before the session which he will pre-review it and give proper analysis to the birth chart of the baby. Then during the session he will suggest the you the best name for your baby and explain how this name is better. 

Through this consultation, you will know:

  • Are you a new Mum and Dad?
  • Are you planning to give best name to your child?
  • How astrology can help you to give a suitable name to your child?
  • How important is it to know the perfect timing for Naam Karan?
  • If you have any other query related to it is also addressed.

Timeline for the consultation: After your confirmed registration for the consultation session, we generally take 5-6 working days to line up your session on mutually convenient time slot.

Note: Please note that this consultation will be confined specific to the above area of concern only.