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buying and selling property

Once a person gets a little settled in their life; usually, their first thought is of owning real estate for buying and selling property per my birth chart. In recent times, when both the spouses are working professionals, this interest in property buying is on the rise. People who are in their early forties or late thirties wish to buy their own house, preferring to pay EMIs than rents. It is a commonly known fact.  Some well-off people may even be intent on buying and selling property in their early years too. 

Property buying and property selling is not a normal phenomenon of life, as it involves huge money. There are even scenarios where the wealth one accumulated throughout their lifetime gets involved in matters of land and real estate. Thus, it makes great deal of sense to spend a few minutes vetting the decisions of buying and selling property as per your birth chart. Your kundali reveals all about the various aspects of your life, and planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters are a part of that. 

Birth chart and Property Matters 

Let us see how birth chart and property matters relate: 

In Vedic Astrology, choosing the right time to buy and sell property per your birth chart is a delicate calculation. Moreover, property sale and land purchase in itself is a sensitive matter that needs solid planning before taking any steps in the direction. You need to ensure that the entire process is flawless and brings the least amount of troubles. One wrong move and not only will you lose your money but will also get stuck in a legal matter for years. 

However, unless you are financially secure enough to carry the burden of two mortgages at the same time, feeling nervous is probably inevitable. These possibilities are likely to grow further if your horoscope also does not support you. In such a scenario, you need to formulate a plan for buying and selling property as per your birth chart, so that the entire process of investing in land doesn’t become too stressful for you. 

Unfortunately enough, there are many people who believe that they know and have that it takes to pull off buying and selling property simultaneously, but they rarely do. 

Factors to consider before Buying and Selling Property

There are several factors to consider before buying and selling property. You need to remember these things when investing in land. There are several ways that you can go for buy and sale of property as per your birth chart: 

Selling your Home before Buying 

Selling your home before buying is a rather common scenario in today’s time, and for a good reason. For most homeowners, property sale before land purchase is a necessity, but this is also the point where they face troubles. The money you get from property selling may not be enough for the next property buying, even after all the loans. Moreover, it can lead to cases where you end up losing or spending the funds on something other than your new home.  

Buying your Home before Selling

The more convenient option for investing in land is to opt for property buying before going forward with property selling. You can look for what you want and shop for your new home, hassle-free and without any worries about moving in quickly. Moreover, you can get all repairs and renovation work done before you think about moving in. Thus, when you finally occupy your new home, it will be exactly what you wanted. However, the issues one may face in this method is that their funds may fall short since they're handling the finances of two residences. At times, selling your property can also become troublesome, thereby adding to the first issue. There are even cases where the native may have to forego the whole deal, causing them significant economic losses. 

Buying and Selling at the same time

Buying and selling property at the same time is a prevalent method chosen by people investing in land. Most walk this path out of necessity, while others select it due to their convenience. Many cannot move forward with land purchase until they have finalised their property selling due to economic reasons. Thus, they will put their home on the market, and as soon as it is under contract, they press forward to find their next home. Computing the right time for buying and selling property can be precarious as one cannot control all factors of a deal. As a result, while you will hope that your property sale goes through well, it may not. Similarly, you will pray for your land purchase to take place efficiently, but the seller may not close the deal as per your wishes. 

Many people who go down the path of buying and selling property simultaneously may find themselves in a rut due to this. There are cases where people may find themselves unable to buy a new home after going through with the property sale of their last one. In a reliable seller's real estate market where there is a limited amount of homes for sale, there is always a catch 22. On the one hand, selling land is more manageable, and you get top dollar. On the other hand, finding a home that fits your needs is far more complicated. The best solution here is to check yogas of buying and selling property as per your birth chart. An expert astrologer will not only tell you about the planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters in your horoscope, but also offer you astrological remedies. 

Money stuck in Property that does not Sale 

If you are struggling with a similar issue, then there are a few solutions to help you out, which can be confirmed from your horoscope. These include: 

Staying Put

If the old place you own is self-occupied, but you are now facing money loss in property matters, then you should put your plan on the back-burner for a while. It is evident that you wished to change your residence to a better and more prominent place, but your birth chart and property matters are not in tandem with each other to allow you the same. In this scenario, you need to stay put, unless you are stuck in a situation where you are in a pressing need of funds. Even then, try to find other ways of handling the emergency. Make use of your other resources. If you end up selling property in a hurry, and out of a need to meet an unjust situation, you can be the one losing in the scenario. Ensure that even if you do sell in a hurry, you’re not making a distress sale, taking a monetary hit. Instead, you can go for a reverse mortgage system. 

Rent It Out

If you are not staying in the home you wish to sell, and you are facing troubles in property selling, then you can choose the option to rent it out. Not only will it guarantee an added income which you can invest in land purchase for your new home, but it will also help you breeze through the waiting process. Moreover, it takes away the added responsibility of taking care of the house and the monthly maintenance cost. A short-term renter will be the best preference for this. You will be able to easily sell your home quickly, as soon as you strike a great deal, and there will be no hassle of giving the tenants a notice for a long duration. 

Rework Your Strategy

Typically, when we initiate the investment offloading, we do so as per our own convenience. Although this is alright in most cases, the same cannot be valid for property sale. This here is an asset whose worth is primarily predicated on outside factors. Therefore, you will need to work on changing your selling tactics to suit these elements more than you. If this is the reason why you are facing a financial crisis, then take your estate off the market. Take some time, rework your strategy, remember to keep the market conditions in mind, and then return with a wiser and more effective plan.

The above options can be easily checked from your horoscope. Consult an astrologer for reading your birth chart and money loss in property matters. They will be able to explain the planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters in your kundali, as well as offer you remedial measures, so that the land does not become a thorn in your side. 

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Property Yoga in Astrology

We all, at some or the other time in our life, wish to own an estate, and its possession can be easily determined through Property Yoga In Astrology. What this means is that if someone is trying for land purchase, then they can know whether or not they will be fortunate in their endeavours. This is possible through the planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters in their birth chart. Land selling may not be that common a phenomenon, but property buying is. But then why are there cases where on the one hand, people who already own a home continue buying and selling property, while others are not even able to own a home. Property buying and property selling becomes a nightmare for the latter class of people. It is all dependent on the property yogas in horoscope. 

A kundali has clear indications of property yoga. Fourth house in a birth chart signifies one’s home and residence. Therefore, it plays an essential role in defining property yogas as well as whether buying and selling property will be beneficial for the person or a losing proposition. One thing all need to remember is that a property yoga can be both positive or negative. What this means is that there are yogas for loss of property and yogas for gain in the property. Let us discuss them both in detail, below:

The Yogas for gain from Property 

Let us begin with discussing about the yogas for gain from property and property related matters in our kundali. Vedic astrology defines certain yogas which determine the state of assets of a native. As mentioned earlier, fourth house is the primary Bhava that helps in understanding one’s immovable and movable possessions. But other houses too are essential in defining these property yogas and facilitating the purchase or sale of property. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (commonly called BPHS) is considered to be the bible of Vedic astrology. The book defines several yogas which outline the yogas of land purchase and owning a home for a person. 

Fourth house in a kundali signifies assets, peace of mind, mother, home life, conveyances, self and ancestral properties, general happiness, and so on. But fundamentally it is the house of assets, and hence, is essential in defining property yogas. Let us take a gander at how these are formed:

1. If Chaturthmesh (Lord of fourth house) is in conjunction with Lagnesh (Lord of first house) and they are placed in a benefic Bhava, then the person may possess many houses.

2. When Mercury gets placed in Parakram Bhava (third house) and Chaturthmesh (Lord of fourth house) is also positioned beneficially then the native is likely to own a beautiful home.

3. In Navamsa chart, if Chaturthmesh is occupying a Bhava alone or is in its exalted state, then such a person will get to luxuriate in the comforts of their own land, conveyance, house, and so on. 

4. When planets that become exalted when occupying fourth house, also hold the power to bestow property on the native, then the person is likely to own land. 

5. In case, Chaturthmesh (Lord of fourth house) is positioned in the house of one of its friendly planets, is in its exalted state, or is placed in its own house in Navamsa chart, natal chart, or both: in this situation too, a person will gain from the property. 

6. If Navmesh (Lord of ninth house) is placed in one of the angular houses and Chaturthmesh is positioned in the house of one of its friendly planets, then the native will also own a beautiful home. 

7. When Chaturthmesh is in conjunction with one of these planets; Mars, Saturn, or Venus, then such a person will have the blessings of owning a home. 

8. One can go for property buying while they are undergoing the Major Period (Mahadasha) of Mars, Venus, or Jupiter. 

The Yogas for Loss of Property

While the yogas of gain of property are there in the horoscope, the yogas for loss of property are also mentioned. Let us consider a few of them below:

1. When Chaturthmesh (Lord of fourth house) gets placed in third house, then such yoga points towards a loss of property. 

2. If Chaturthmesh is in a debilitated state, then it will bring a loss of property in some manner, at some point in the native’s life.

3. In case, Lord of fourth house occupies one of the malefic Trikon Bhava, i.e., sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, then the possibilities of a loss of property are likely to be high for the person. 

4. If in a kundali, Chaturthmesh (Lord of fourth house) is in its debilitated state, and Saturn and Mars are also weakly placed, in both the natal chart and Navamsa chart, then such a person will face high chances of a loss of property. 

5. In case, a malefic planet, aspects either the fourth house or Chaturthmesh, then the native is likely to face losses associated with their properties, during the Major Period of the planet offering adverse effects. 

An accomplished astrologer will be able to help you decipher the clues hidden in the various charts of your kundali as well as calculate property yogas. Let us take a peek at the multiple factors in our horoscope, responsible for property buying, property selling, and so on. 

Planets responsible for Buying, Selling, and Property Matters

In a Kundali, an expert astrologer will always check the Planets responsible for buying, selling, and property matters to offer you accurate advice. The factors we have discussed in the previous section usually surface in a person’s life while investing in land, be it property selling, property buying, owning a house, or any other such property matters. Also, since any land purchase will involve significant investments, it is always advisable to get your horoscope examined first. An accomplished Jyotishi will analyse your kundali and explain the planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters present in the same. Let us catch a quick glimpse at some of these planets responsible for investing in land and buying and selling property: 


Mars signifies immovable possessions in a native's kundali. This karaka planet is responsible for bestowing a residence upon them. 


Saturn or Shani Dev, the just planet signifies land and old houses, i.e., a repurchased property. 


Venus, the planet and goddess of beauty and luxury, is responsible for bestowing a native with a lavish home. 

Houses in birth chart for own House/Property Matters 

The Houses in birth chart for own house/property matters that are analysed are first, second, fourth, and eleventh. Let us take a good look at each of these: 

First House/Ascendant 

In a Kundali, first house or ascendant signifies self. Therefore, it is responsible for determining whether a native will own a home or not. 

Second House

Your second house in a kundali signifies your wealth and bank balance. If you find yourself wanting in this aspect of life, even planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters won’t be able to help you. 

Fourth House

Your fourth house signifies your home, land, assets, happiness, and vehicles. Therefore, your Sukh Sthana needs to be necessarily examined to understand whether you will own a home or not. It is the majorly considered Bhava when we talk about which house in birth chart is seen for property matters. 

Eleventh House

Your eleventh house, also known as Labha Bhava, signifies gains, profits, and fulfilment of your desires. Therefore, it is another significant factor considered for property buying and property selling in astrology. It defines not only whether your wish of owning a home will be realized, but also if you will gain happiness there. 

Right time to Buy Sell Property per my birth chart 

A native, before they decide to jump in with buying and selling property, usually prefers to know about the ‘right time to buy sell property per my birth chart’ first. In terms of investing in land, and owning other assets, the ongoing Major Period or Mahadasha is considered to be the significant deciding factor. More specifically, Major Period of Lords of second, fourth, ninth, or eleventh houses (Dwitiyamesh, Chaturthmesh, Navamesh, Ekadashesh) bestows a home upon the native it influences. However, even this is dependent on various factors like planets responsible for property and which house in birth chart is seen for property matters. Let us take a quick gander at these: 

1. Out of the two luminary planets, Sun is responsible for bestowing land and property on a native during their middle years. 

2. On the flip side, Major Period of Moon will help in investing in land during their early years. 

3. The dualistic planet, Mercury, offers one the opportunity of land purchase and buying own home during the age of 32 to 36 years. 

4. Similar to Chandra Dev, Major Period of Jupiter, Venus, and Rahu will bring natives property in their early years. 

5. Saturn and Ketu have particular years for supporting a native in buying own home. Shani Dev will bequeath a home during its Major Period only after the age of 44 years of the person, while Ketu will bestow property on them only after 52 years of age. 

In addition to these factors, other supporting charts of a native are also examined in tandem with Lagna or D-1 Chart. Particularly, D-4 chart, D-12 chart, and D-60 charts are especially taken into consideration. 

Buying and selling property is a complicated yet delicate issue. Assessing the situation, when one is facing problems in property matters is difficult, even if someone knows about astrology. Therefore, it is better to get some experienced insight instead of self-analysing.  


Dreaming about owning a house, buying property is a natural human phenomenon, and there is nothing wrong in it. However, since it involves a significant sum of money, sometimes even the entire accumulated wealth you earned throughout your lifetime, one should take some precautions. First of all, get kundali analysis to determine if there are yogas of buying and selling property in your birth chart. Which house in birth chart is seen for property matters, and what do they have to say about your prospects? What are the planets responsible for property, and are there any planetary combinations for buying, selling, and property matters in your kundali? Determine the answer to ‘what is the right time to buy sell property per my birth chart’? Your fate in property matters will be decided based on the careful examination of all these factors. But all this can be done only by an expert astrologer; hence, you should never make a decision in haste. 

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