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Venus Ketu and different houses

Venus Ketu and different houses

Ketu is a planet with no identity, but it is so powerful that it, along with Rahu, can swallow the whole natural power of the most potent planets Sun and Moon & cause Eclipses. Like that when Ketu conjuncts with Venus in any house, it can overpower or diminish all the benefics and natural results of Venus.

Ketu Venus in Astrology

Before understanding effects of Ketu & Venus combine in astrology, one should know what does a conjunction of planets in astrology signifies. Actually, whenever planets combine, each planet's result gets altered, and a new effect generates out of the combination. On this mythology, when the Mayavi (illusion) planet Ketu combines with the planets of materialism and beauty Venus in any house, it is likely to give varying results to the native. A strong Venus can nullify the ill-effects of Ketu. Same way, a weak Venus can give adverse results, if with a mild negative Ketu. You cannot do much to fight with Ketu as it leads to illusions. But knowing the effects and traits of its conjunction with Venus, one can surely make efforts to strengthen Venus. This narration gives comprehensive details and effects when Venus and Ketu combine in the various houses.

Effects of Venus Ketu combine in each House?

Now I will explain the effects of this Venus & Ketu combine in each House of the horoscope separately. Let me be clear that there can be a difference of opinion on this narration by each astrologer. This is because this subject needs not only a comprehensive study of two important planets, Venus & Ketu. But it is also understanding the complex issue when these two planets come into conjunction with each other.

Venus and Ketu in 1st House

Venus and Ketu combine in 1st House give an individual touch of politeness. In addition, it gives habits of neatness, cleanliness, system, order, fashion, decoration, and presentability.

The individual exhibits qualities of intelligence too. This combination gives clarity of thought and action, especially if the individual has anything to do with fine arts like dance, drama, music, painting, photography, landscape designing, acting in or directing producing films, serials, episodes, etc.

It is very rare that this combination gives any harmful or hurtful results to the individual or the spouse.

Venus and Ketu in 2nd House

Venus and Ketu combine in 2nd House, positively gives financial benefits. However, the quantum of the benefits in riches is smaller than those given by Rahu.

Ketu doesn't give any bickering or even minor quarrels in the married life. Also, it doesn't interfere with the benefits being given by Venus in the 2nd House. No doubt the individual or the spouse should stay alert to any ailment akin to piles. And further should make it a rule to reduce the consumption of red chilies to the minimum.

Ketu gives color and variety to furnishings and furniture in residential or office or shop premises. Even if the tapestry is of different colors and designs, Ketu stands for variety and designs.

Venus and Ketu in 3rd House

Ketu doesn't deal in harshness, hard attitude, touch behavior, and dubious dealings. And Ketu cannot do much for settlement in life and livelihood of the progeny of the individual.

These individuals always overestimate their ailment and illness or disease. Therefore become very nervous if left alone during any long-term illness. You can read more about indication of specific diseases on the link given below. 

Venus and Ketu in 4th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 4th House give a comfortable life, having affectionate relations with mother. No pain in ribs or upper abdomen, no pressure on the heart despite mild digestive trouble.

Individuals with this combination are fond of decorating their residence and office by painting it in different colors and furnishing it with colorful designs.

In their wardrobe, these individuals have different patterns, designs, and colors regarding their under-clothes and outer apparel.

They are fond of loud perfumes and wearing fresh flowers to look attractive. This becomes more prudent in the case of females, including young girls.

These individuals join dance and music or painting or acting classes. And if Mercury, too, is helpful, they complete the course of study. However, if Mercury is unhelpful, they leave the course of study in between.

Venus and Ketu in 5th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 5th House, normally doesn't interfere much with the functioning of Venus. On the other hand, Ketu supports and supplements the functions of Venus.

This combination provides good chances to the individual for developing writing skills, public speaking, and teaching talent.

Besides other advantages of Venus in the 5th House like romantic ideas and actions, nurturing and preparing one or two of the progeny for medical/ music/ fine arts courses of study, get full support from Ketu.

Sometimes for the individual pursuing fine arts like music, dance, painting, acting, sculpture, architecture, photography, there is extra support from Ketu.

The only minus point that Ketu might impose, though rare cases, is pregnancy loss at earlier stages. It is more so if at that given time, the spouse also has stars leading to loss of pregnancy. So the chances are actually rare.

If the spouse has stars stronger for pregnancy going a full term, Ketu's presence with Venus would create fear. However, it would not actually cause a loss of pregnancy, mostly if the couple avoids mutual physical contact during those days.

Venus and Ketu in 6th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 6th House, the individual might be caught on the wrong foot for utterances or writings in the office or public consumption.

If a quarrel takes place, Ketu brings it on paper.

The individual may suffer in terms of money (penalty or compensation). However, it is less likely to lead to an imprisonment sentence.

This combination makes the progeny quite ambitious but without making much effort towards the fulfillment of ambitions unless their stars are very helpful in the matter.

Ketu neither causes any serious type of sex-oriented disease nor is much helpful in curing it. It allows Venus to carry on its functions and stays more or less neutral in the 6th House.

Ketu, however, doesn't help an individual in securing a third angle or falling victim to the third angle in married life or love affair. Here too, Ketu stays neutral to Venus's influence in the 6th House.

Ketu, during its Antardasa (sub-period) in Mars or Saturn in main Dasa, can cause a blunt injury by a fall. But not a severe injury, especially in the case of a male individual.

Venus and Ketu in 7th House

Venus rules love, romance, beauty, conflicts, and quarrels with anyone, everyone, poetry, music, dance, medicine, herbs, marriage, married life, and relations between husband and wife. In comparison, Ketu rules literary thoughts, spoken word, the written word, intelligence, wisdom, experience, and patience. Thus, when these two are in conjunction in the 7th House. It can safely be presumed that the wife and husband would have pleasantness in their married life, sweet and musical talks, love, and attention. All this would not only be felt within hearts but expressed in so many words.

Some of the individuals prove to be good poets of romantic subjects.

The individual marries a person with talent and also accommodating understanding. This is true even towards the roughly behaved members of the family of the spouse.

Some of the female involved in the written word who have Venus and Ketu in the 7th House, progress very well in work. But often, their credit is stolen by those who have Venus and Mercury in the 7th House. This is because Mercury is a solid planet, while Ketu is a shadow planet.

However, in case this pair of stars (Venus and Ketu), by chance suffer from direct Drishti/aspect of Mars or Saturn, or if Mars or Saturn owns the Rasi in the 7th House, or Sun enjoins Venus in the 7th House even at a distance, the individual might have to suffer a nagging partner.

Venus and Ketu in 8th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 8th House usually brings damage and destruction to an individual's papers and documents of own writings and published works of self.

The combination is also capable of giving trouble from leakage of love letters exchanged with a sweetheart.

In so far as any ailment, illness or disease related to sex is concerned, Ketu with Venus causes it in a very mild manner. But no worries, as it is often easily detected and cured.

Ketu doesn't induce (even with Venus) in the 8th House, an individual towards dishonesty, criminal, immoral, or illegal activity. Because the individual is neither very greedy nor very fond of pomp and show. On the other hand, the individual tries to maintain a good moral character. And if at all is drawn towards a romantic relationship, it stays at a platonic level only.

Ketu with Venus in the 8th House can cause piles with its adverse effect on sex life. And it would surely cause frustration to the spouse.

Another point often noticed regarding the influence of this combination is that the individual might suffer from biting from a dog, snake, a camel. The person can suffer from a kick by a horse or donkey or mule, rabies. One can get injured by a jackal or fox or bear, monkey, tiger, lion, wolf, or other animals like crocodile, etc.

Venus and Ketu in 9th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 9th House, Ketu protects the individuals from harmful influence coming from outside. But cannot put a stop if the influence is flowing from inside the immediate or wider family itself or from the circle of intimate friends.

On the other hand, Ketu motivates others to deal severely with the individual.

If the individual is a medical person, artist, musician, dancer, actor or actress, painter, photographer, designer, writer, poet, journalists, teacher, literary person, private tutor, or runs and/or manages any institution imparting instructions in any of these lines of career, the Ketu and Venus combine would help the individual immensely. Ketu's help is subject to the condition that the individual keeps above board with regard to money and character.

In matters of publication of book, thesis, etc. the writer should stay wary of the women publishers as well as pirates belonging to either gender.

Usually the downtrodden would render help or assistance to the individual in an hour of need, even a brother or sister or cousin of self or spouse might come forward to help, forgiving the past hostile attitude of the individual.

If a female Rasi (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces excluding Scorpio) is in the 9th House, the individual's progeny consists of only daughters or more daughters than sons, depending on the stars of the spouse too.

In the case of females, this combination gives pain in the arm or hand or left breast but helps in the recovery of money from relations and friends (not from outsiders). Women associated with religious, charity-oriented or social organizations should try to keep above board, as they would easily fall prey to blackmailers and critics.

Venus and Ketu in 10th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 10th House. Here Ketu doesn't interfere at all in the functioning of Venus in that House. Rather Ketu supports the influence of Venus in every matter and every field of activity.

In case the individual is capable and competent of producing any literary work or gaining efficiency in any fine art or acting or dance or music or painting or photography, in knowledge and application of mantras, in architectural planning, sculpture, practice of medical science, manufacture, and the sale of medicines and herbs, Ketu simply helps the individual all the way. Ketu also helps Venus bring good publicity and popularity to the individual.

This combination doesn't disturb the individual's relations with either of the two parents of self or spouse. But if any others stars do disturb the relationships, this combination will stay a moot spectator, taking no sides.

If the spouse of the individual is active in bringing normalcy or additional strain in the relations between the individual and one parent or both, these two stars in combination will stay neutral even then. They would allow the spouse and parents to settle disputes and assume normalcy in attitudes mutually between them.

In the same indifferent manner, Ketu (with Venus in 10th House) would not take an active part in disputes related to the family property. However, if the property is acquired by the individual or spouse thereof or both, by joint efforts and finances, Ketu would help in favor of the individual or the spouse or both.

These two stars would, however, be active in social and charitable work for public welfare and service to commoners. Both are liberal and intellectual stars and open-minded to one and all ir-respective of cast or community.

Venus and Ketu in 11th House

Ketu does keep a mental account of the acts and actions of the individual under Venus in the 11th House. And whenever any occasion or opportunity arises, Ketu reminds the individual of past acts and actions, even utterances.

This combination helps the progeny of the individual in their studies. It further helps in attending to homework and written exercises during school education. It also helps improve the handwriting of the progeny if the number of children is limited to two.

Furthermore, the mother or stepmother often guides the individual against indulgence in objectionable acts. This protects the native to avoid conflicts from the law of the land or of the civil laws and regulations.

It is very rare that this combination gives any undesirable or unfavorable results to the individual. And this also would happen only under too much pressure from other hard starts.

It approves the intention and plan of the individual and/or spouse for medical termination of pregnancy. And sometimes, Ketu brings about the natural loss of pregnancy also.

Venus and Ketu in 12th House

Venus and Ketu combine in 12th House cause ill health to the individual now and then, chronically. Native could have bad throat, bad stomach, chest congestion, etc. However, it would not be life-threatening.

Venus and Ketu combine in 12th House can give indebtedness, though of manageable nature. And it also develops intentions to repay at the first convenience of the individual. So the overall situation remains controllable.

To conclude – Venus is the planet of beauty, pleasure & expansion to generally give good warm results to the native. But when it conjuncts with Ketu, the results become almost reverse and adverse. Ketu basically overcomes all goodness of Venus & start giving indifferent results, as explained in the above narration. The results of this conjunction are extreme.

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