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Venus in 12th House

Venus in 12th House

This is an exceptionally precarious situation for this delicate star, and it deliberately forces ominous outcomes on the person. It leads towards the third angle in wedded life or a relationship. It gives a sentimental touch to the very idea of the individual. Indeed, even the smallest pressing factor or sign from any companion drives the person to drinks or some other sort of intoxication. It gives a propensity of dissatisfaction over monetary position, the standard of living, and economic wellbeing.

Impact of Venus in 12th house on your life

It gives eagerness for blessings in kind rather than money and the endowments to be more extravagant than the capacity or goal, on the off chance that the individual engages in any issue leading to investigation or cross-examination, the individual surrenders to pressure and torment effectively, rather rapidly as well. These people, by a little influence, become approvers in criminal cases and don't stop for a second to change sides and change their rendition in civil cases. 

They are, for the most part, able to be won upon in issues of the political decision or casting a ballot, regardless of whether it is for political workplaces or at general gatherings of industrial and business organizations, under the slight impact of wine and associated facility. 


They might be baited into smuggling and flesh exchange. However, they are not generally reliable and dependable for the reasons given in the previous section. Some are great at music, dance, and any part of the fine arts, design, sculpture, yet don't spare a moment in bouncing into an agreement or understanding or even a work bond. They (either sex) function admirably when in the company of the other gender, regardless of whether they fend romanticism off in that company. 

There are regular contrasts between the individual and the descendants over style and way of living and any romanticism on the part of the person. Contrasts crop up likewise over the relationship of the descendants during the educational stage, yet for the most part, these distinctions are impermanent and don't achieve any separatist propensity in the offspring.


It has been talked over that Venus in the twelfth house, for the most part, gets extra-conjugal affair in the life of the individual or, if nothing else, actual easy-going inclusion or guilty pleasure to a great extent, positively outside the information on the companion. It tends to be the third point in the relationship of an unmarried young boy or young lady. Except if there is Aries, Leo or Capricorn, or Aquarius is in the twelfth house. Eventually, the third point gets known to the people concerned. At that point, the inquiry emerges of one or the other change by the unfavorably influenced accomplice to the marriage or end of the relationship or separation, if not lawfully, at any rate physically between the wedded couple or the lovers. Not many individuals understand that Venus in the twelfth house can likewise bring failures of marriage, even without the antagonistic effect of Mars or Saturn or Rahu on the wedded life from first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house. 

Another afterthought and uncommon impact of Venus in the twelfth house is that it gives less sex drive to the male individual for physical indulgence with spouse or beloved. The issue of the disappointment of the spouse, accordingly, frequently poses a potential threat to the marriage. 


If the essential birth-chart has Taurus, Libra, or Virgo in the fourth or the fifth house, odds are for regaining the sex drive for common fulfillment. In any case, if a Raashi possessed by a hard planet like Mars or Saturn is in the fourth or fifth house, medical treatment brings some minimal improvement in the male accomplice. 

While coordinating horoscopes for marriage purposes, the astrologer ought to perpetually inspect this point if Venus is in the eighth or the twelfth house without the company of different stars there. Anyway, it is in uncommon cases that Venus, in the twelfth place of the male, comes in the way of getting descendants; ordinarily, in any event, one kid is certain. There are situations where couples with incomparable circumstances will get four youngsters! 


If a Raashi owned by Venus or Mercury is in the sixth or eighth house, and if the individual takes to drinking consistently, it will antagonistically influence his sexual coexistence, pretty much decidedly after the age of 36 years. It must be noticed that Venus in a twelfth house gives a colossal male desire for physical connection with another gender, yet it is no proof of robust sexual life. 

For the most part, Venus in the twelfth house doesn't lead a person towards obligations except if drinks or drugs or intoxication of any sort on normal everyday life surpass the propensities for the person.

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