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Venus in 3rd House

Venus in 3rd House

With Venus in the 3rd house, it will become a tendency of the man or woman to get all comforts, luxuries, and fashionable matters except doing any work or a lot of work and barring exertion. The individual needs all comfort at the price and labor of others and does not hesitate to derive benefits from brothers and sisters. You will also take advantage of the spouse. The person wishes health and proper treatment for illnesses both free of fee or at the fee of others. The character is withdrawn to a protected level when real fighting is on the field but comes forward to declare savings for the bravery and vigor employed by using others. Whether the individual is beautiful, comely, true searching or not, whether they have a dazzling character or not, she/ he dresses elegantly to put up a presentable, imposing influence on others, so that others may realize and be given her/ his claims for work finished via others. 


Impact Of Venus On The Third House On Your Life 

If the individual is in a function to assist own brothers or sisters, the individual would no longer pass over the probability to help financially or physically or morally, even though the tendency of indicating the duty at the same time or in consequence prevails very well. If the character possesses know-how of remedy (any system), typically therapy of patients would be result-oriented, but the physician or the Vaidya or the Hakim herself or himself would be torpid in both work and updating the knowledge. These persons have a tendency to depend, in their superior years of age, extra on the grandchildren and their spouses, as an alternative of on their children. They are quite beneficial and accommodating in the direction of the grandchildren and their spouses. Western astrology attaches magnificent importance to Venus in the third house because, in accordance with it, Venus influences the skill of livelihood and determines the source of income. 


Going by the Indian system, this role of Venus adversely influences the work-capacity and capability of the individual. It may lead the individual in the direction of import, export trade, and dealings with foreigners. However, the scope of dropping earnings is there due to the fact of slow vogue of working. It is usually better for these persons to partner their children with their source of income if it is feasible to do so by using schooling and inclination of the children themselves. Sometimes it might not even be possible because of the profession, business, or self-employment of both the dad and mom or father or mother, and the progeny might be poles apart, with no scope for link and coordination. However, to this primary trend of lethargy of the individual, there are some exceptions that are given beneath while discussing the conjunction of Venus with different stars in the third house. 

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