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Venus in 7th House

Venus in 7th House

This is a significant position of Venus. The seventh house rules relationship, marriage proposals, genuine marriage, married life, and relationship with a mate in the post-marriage period. It rules fights among man and lady, or quarrel between people of similar sex yet identifying with a third individual from (the other gender). It likewise leads the private parts of the body. It rules appearance, character, complexity, bodily built, facial development, flawless and spotless or messy propensities, nature, to some extent education, and as it were the family foundation of the life partner. 


It is appalling that the Ancients have discussed at extraordinary length these characteristics or absence of these characteristics about a lady. However, next to no has been set down about the spouse. Present-day acharyas have set out certain outlines about the groom as well. However, actually, it needs a decent arrangement of examination, not by quacks but rather by educated, learned, and experienced astrologers. 

As of now, astrologers generally rely upon their restricted information and experience to guide the native, which may prompt maladjustment in marriage and afterward, in uncommon cases, the too extreme disappointment of the marriage. 

Another issue is in a place like India where marriages are initially masterminded, is that occasionally the guardians or the mediatory individual build up an inclination for a specific decision, or the young lady and the kid being referred to begin to like each other independent weather the horoscopes coordinate or not. In such cases, it gets hard for the educated and fair-minded astrologer to advise against the marriage if need be. 

There are many cases inside the information on the creators, wherein such marriages led against the exhortation of the educated and unbiased astrologer, shockingly brought about separation or demise of one of the wedded couple. (Obviously, this perception is useful for the devotees who look for astrological guidance.) 

They would say, the creators have gone over a few situations where the invested individuals 'purchased the assessment of some obliging (unscrupulous) spiritualist on the side of the proposition to be married (although the stars of the kid and a young lady were not pleasing) with disastrous consequences. 

Antiquated acharyas have said that with Venus in the 7th house, an individual gets an excellent and beguiling spouse. One can also apply a similar standard to a lady as well; it tends to be said that a young lady with Venus in the 7th house would get a husband, who will be attractive, with a charming character. 

Another overall principle is that if a male Rasi (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius) is in the 7th house, the companion would be tall, and if a female Rasi is in the 7th house, the mate would be of medium height. The subject of tallness would particularly rely upon the atmosphere of the region where the kid or the young lady were brought up. There are exemptions as well to this standard. 

Likewise, the impression is that Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces in the seventh house get the individual a reasonable complexioned life partner. This is each of the relative terms, because in countries closer to the equator, how much reasonableness would be found in the inhabitants, and nations over 33-degree latitude away from the equator, it is hard to track down dim complexioned unique occupants. In like manner, unique German nationals are exceptionally tall; in certain nations, we discover inhabitants extremely short in stature. Consequently, while giving a forecast about the tallness or composition of a marital match, these contemplations ought to be remembered. 

Additionally, a few celestial prophets attempt to tie the counseling public in the heading (East, West, North, South) for finding a wedding match, while some others attempt to confine the calling or type of revenue of the marital match. General thought ought to be given; however, the decision field for the mate searchers ought to be left open and wide. 

There are a significant number of occasions where an individual got a schooling in a specific order and took profession or wellspring of occupation in an entirely unexpected field, which was complete opposites from the control of training. With enormous steps being developed of science and innovation as likewise separates on the planet getting effectively available by methods for communications and transportation, the entire idea of these contemplations in finding a wedding match has changed. 

The study of astrology still needs researchers enthusiastic about doing investigate without contemplations for money or distinction. Quacks and insane soothsayers don't have the information, learning, and experience to manage or attempt genuine research. Some scholarly and truly educated soothsayers have an excessive amount of work close by. They scarcely have the opportunity, energy, or stage to embrace research work. 

At that point, the inquiry happens to quarrels, battles, fights, and even wars produced by Venus in the 7th house. Celestial prophets with adapted family custom in soothsaying for ages together would look at this inquiry from the rights point of view; in any case, ordinarily, crystal gazers of short standing and little experience would decline to interface quarrels, takes on and conflicts with Venus in the 7th house. 

The focus is to know the impact of Rasi in the 7th house and where its master in the horoscope is, and what sort of relationship it has with Venus in the 7th house. On the off chance that Rasis claimed by Mars or Saturn is in the 7th house and its ruler is in the 2nd, 8th, and 12th house, a quarrel or face or even conflict is conceivable. It is so in any event during the Mahadasa of Venus and Antardasa of Mars or Saturn (as the proprietor of the 7th house), or Mahadasa of Mars or Saturn (as the proprietor of the 7th house) and Antardasa of Venus, which may offer beginning to the quarrel or battle and so on. Now, If Saturn or retrograde Mars is in the 2nd, 8th, or the 12th house by travel, and, after it all said and done, a quarrel, take on, or conflict may happen. Now that Rahu is in the 2nd, 8th, or 12th house, it may make a transitory shadow of quarrel or battle. However, it gets reasonable or bargains capable or end-capable (sorry for outlining our terms to give the right piece to the topic). 

History is packed with various models, in India and somewhere else, about incredible fights and wars battled by ladies. As per The Hindu epic, Ramayana has it that the abduction, of Rama's wonderful spouse Sita, by the devil lord Ravana to the annihilation of the evil presence family. In the other extraordinary epic, Mahabharata, beautiful and glad princess Draupadi affront by Duryodhana and his sibling Dushshashana lead to such a war that inside a brief time of 18 days practically the larger part male populace at any rate of the then North India was cleared out. 

Along Helen of Troy and Cleopatra of Egypt changed the historical backdrop of Europe and Northern Africa through wars. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi rebels against the British tossed out the East India Company and brought the proper guideline of the British into India in 1857. 

No more models are required. 

It is surely a troublesome errand to foresee fights and battles between nations, countries, various races; the exceptionally high caliber of information experience and knowledge is required for this. However, the 7th house is straightforwardly and significantly worried about wars and fights. 

As per the experience shows that Venus in the 7th house with planetary subtleties expressed above (outside the passages in italics) can cause reason for division among a couple and eventually lead to separation. It very well might be after a lamentable battle in a courtroom or a shared battle between the two groups of a couple or between the husband and spouse themselves. On the off chance that there is some other delicate planet in the seventh house, similar to Mercury or Jupiter, the separation can be by shared assent as well. Something else, if the seventh house is possessed by a delicate planet and the proprietor is sitting at the 4th or the 1st house, or even in the 5th house, there can be separate by mutual consent. 

One more point might be noted in such manner that the very presence of Mars, or Saturn in the 7th house (independent of the Rasi in the seventh house) alongside Venus there, would make the marriage a non-functional one, except if the concerned diagrams of the life partner contain rescinding stars. It is in every case better to bear the situation of stars as the main priority while coordinating horoscopes for marriage, independent of the reality whether it is the 1st or 2nd or a 3rd marriage of the native. 

Presently where does the trouble emerge? Initially on account of affection based relationships. One can't initially proceed to get the horoscope of the other gender for marriage and afterward start the relationship. Further, in India, just as numerous different nations, individuals are losing confidence in coordinating horoscopes for marriage, because of Large disappointments of marriage after careless (computer) coordinating of me horoscopes and as a result of families getting removed from their unique local area base. On this record, the wedding match finding for masterminded relationships has become a monotonous assignment. Therefore the insightful search for genuine educated and proficient stargazers for a reason. 

Coordinating of horoscopes done by computers is fairly deceiving because the subtleties that ought to be concentrated by master human soothsayers have not all (yet) been changed over into software. 

However, Another factor of Venus in the 7th house is that one of the couples gets intrigued, now and again attributable to possess volition and in some cases under friend tension in beverages and a 3rd point to the married life. This impact is improved if Venus turns out to be the ruler of the sixth or the 12 house. In such an inevitability, if the companion acts in a friendly and firm way, the affection for wine or a 3rd point can be nipped at the underlying stage itself, since Venus in the 7th house is consistently on the life partner (be it, spouse or husband). 

An insignificant part prior examined with the unsafe impact of Mars in the seventh house (or the eighth house) is additionally worth re-perusing with the above conversation about Venus (alone) in the 7th house.

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