Venus in Libra Sign

Venus in Libra Sign

The native will be attractive, rich, brave, and learned. The native will show regard to religion and preceptor. The native will live away from his country. The native will be popular and notable. The native will have a refined mind and a preference for music, painting, or poetry. Native's marriage will be effective, and he will get cash and status through it. The native will have great kids. There can be distressing through the death of friends and family. For Aries Ascendant, Venus, in this particular signify an important MARAKA for the native. In the case of Taurus Ascendants, the native will feel extremely unhealthy and sick. For Gemini Ascendants, natives will stay satisfied with kids. 

However, there might be heavy expenditure for them often, particularly during the sub-period of an unfriendly or unfavorable duration. However, in the major period of Venus or during the sub-period of Venus in the major-period of an unfavorable planet; if it is Cancer, the native will be affluent; if it is Leo, the native will take up writing, publishing, journalism and etc. as work, at which the native will progress well; if it is Virgo, the the native will be attractive, eloquent, and exceptionally wealthy; if it is Libra, the native will be long-lived; if it is Scorpio, the native can be rich (since Venus placed in the twelfth house is helpful for financially stable) and highly sexed; if it is Sagittarius, the native will be in cash lending business, can be stressed over the actual prosperity of his oldest kid, and if Mars or Ketu impact Venus, the native will meet with a serious mishap; if it is Capricorn, the native will earn name and wealth from his job, and his kids will do well throughout life. For Ascendants Aquarius, the native will be blessed and rich; and if it is Pisces, the native will be Long-lived, but he will not be happy with his better half. At the point when Venus is aspected by Mars or Saturn, the native is probably going to confront inconvenience from ladies because of his loose ethics or a terrible marriage. 

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