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Venus in 1st House

Venus in 1st House

It makes an individual well - maintained, given to neatness and cleanliness, a stable habitation, occupancy, and ambition. Venus in the 1sthouse increases affection for fashion enthusiasts and other outward pomp and shows, including fancy outfits, well-decorated surroundings, and even food without paying heed to its real quality. Other traits linked to Venus in the 1st house includes being romantic nature, being extrovert with candid behavior, and cordial character (charming, handsome, beautiful), which might attract the attention of the opposite sex.


Overall Impact of Venus in the First House

On the basis of financial background, Venus makes a person benevolent by nature as well as grows interested in outings and traveling to beautiful places, as well as a great taste in art (viz music/ drama/ stage performances/ acting dancing), acquiring some qualities within self in order to attract the attention of others, especially of the opposite sex.They are inclined to high perfumery, fresh flowers with sharp fragrance, exhibitive, ornaments, and jewelry (real or imitation or costume).


A person should be careful while mixing up with an individual having Venus in their 1st house because they might have unconventional conversations and socializing skills, never the less they get annoyed if the other person enjoys similar liberty in the same. This particular trait remains as it is in earlier phases of romance, love-affair, and marriage. 


Venus is in the 1st house, which can be both beneficial and detrimental. Knowledge in art, including all forms of paintings (wall paintings, portraits of person and many others), designing formals as well as portraying nature in form art, interior decoration, and even furnishing statues and furniture, well – defined ideas in the use of herbals, cosmetics (puffs, powders, lipsticks included), making them professional fashion designers and beauticians; comes under the positive impact.


A person might get attracted to bad habits and the negative company which indulges them in immoral activities, which becomes more common when Venus 13 collides with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Herschell. This becomes more effective if the conjunction is within 12 degrees. A person with hard stars, during such conjunction, gets inclined towards alcohol consumption, use of drugs. However, there are chances of romantic or casual sexual relationships with more than one person of the opposite sex, and other unwanted activities come under the negative impacts.


An important factor to be kept in mind when any kind of love affair with a person of opposite gender comes under the influence of Venus, they usually fail to differentiate between real feelings and temporary infatuation or love of an adolescent for another person. 

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