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Venus in Capricorn Sign

Venus in Capricorn Sign

Even though the native will be popular, especially amongst women, and will be influenced by them. The native will be disappointed in love. He may have liaison with women of a will have the worst image. The native will be extremely shrewd but will have affection. The native will also value feelings and sentiments. Native's wedding will get delayed. Native's married life will not be happy as either it will be dissolved soon or bring misfortune. The positioning of Venus will have a bad impact on a native's life as a native will become poor. Now at a point of the affliction of the planet, the native will become impotent. However, the native will prosper later in life. The exception to this will be Virgo and Capricorn ascendants, where the prosperity will be on the rise throughout. The impact of Saturn will bring great opportunities and will be immensely beneficial. The impact or aspect will improve the situation, and this will be just because of the positioning of Venus. In the case of Virgo and Capricorn Ascendants, it will bring out the good news.

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