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sun in 3rd house astrology

When it is about the Sun's position in the various houses, its impact may range from positive to negative, but the Sun's presence in the 3rd House of the kundali brings a lot of blessings than negatives. It is considered as one of the best positions. Sun in the 3rd House brings success in whichever path the person chooses. It grants them growth in politics, gives them entry into public services at a medium or high level.

Effects of the Sun in the 3rd House

Apart from career growth, the Sun in the 3rd House gives the person political clout and influence. Such people are highly influential. They have the wisdom and the courage to make the best use of their power and position. A person with the Sun in the 3rd House always helps and supports their brother(s), sister(s), and cousin(s).

Effects of Sun in the 3rd House on Love/Relationship and Marriage

The native with Sun in the third House tends to turn brave and more charitable after marriage. These people possess the amenities of luxury, vehicles as their luck increases after marriage and there is more space for peace. It is termed as the best position in the matters of children and progeny. 

Sun in 3rd House causes high sexual drive in females, but this is only if they are married. This placement of Sun blesses the couples with twin babies and sometimes two marriages as well. No matter which sign the Sun occupies, it tends to give a positive and favorable result in the third House, especially to male natives. 

As long as no one harms their status and prestige, they obey the other family members as well and maintain a strong bond. The Sun in the third House makes the natives more faithful, devoted, and helpful.

Effects of Sun in the 3rd House on Career/Business and Finance

The person with the Sun in the third House prefers kudos, favors, and plaudits from the authorities and government. The Sun helps them get a job in Government/administrative services and avail themselves the benefits of serving the government authorities. 

The natives with Sun in 3rd House are highly courageous and have a lot of guts to deal with the obstacles and issues of their lives. They are most likely to join defence and army services, as they are very disciplined and efficient in their work. The persons with the Sun in the Third House are highly skillful when it comes to plotting and planning. They are good commanders and know how to implement plans. 

The natives with the Sun in their 3rd House give high importance to wisdom and knowledge. Due to their strong desire to learn new things, travelling becomes an essential part of their life.

III-effects of the Sun in the 3rd House

Such people may not receive the same support in return; they may face exploitation, backbiting, and blackmailing. Sometimes the elder ones may blame their sibling for all the losses and trouble they face in life. Another allegation that they may have to face is that they are more helpful to their friends than their brother(s) and sister(s), but it is not true. The natives having the Sun in the 3rd House also face allegations from their mother, who blame them for rendering no support and financial help. Even if the person is doing his/her duties right, they will have to face such blames.

People having the Sun in the 3rd House join defence services, and they prove very efficient, duty-oriented, hardly you will find them facing integrity questions. However, they do not prove to be a very effective leader or commander. They work well from behind the battle scenes if they are employed in defense services.

A person with Sun in the 3rd house get adaptive to the circumstances & adjustable to the people around them & when the situations change, they find it difficult to negotiate with the changes. 

In the childhood, the nature of being too talkative can bring them reprimanding from the colleagues or teachers. 

Their best of hard work may not get recognized very easily.

Professional life of people with the Sun in the 3rd House

When it comes to handling successful administrative works, negotiations, conferences, discussion preparation of reports, minutes, and descriptions, people having the Sun in the 3rd House are very efficient. They are helpful not only for their family members but extend their help to their spouse’s family as well. But, this help and support to the spouse's family is only till the time they are not involved in matters that affect their name. In such cases, the natives of the Sun in the 3rd House turn their back immediately.

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An important point to note about people with the Sun in the 3rd House is over-comforting for their subordinates, domestic servants, and menials. Sometimes the long absence of their spouse, they may get extra romantic towards their domestic help and subordinates. The natives of the Sun in the 3rd House are very particular about their physical built-up and appearance in public or outdoors.

Personality traits of the person with Sun in the 3rd House

If you have the Sun in the 3rd House, you will be blessed with a pleasing personality. Such people love to talk. They are fond of travelling and make good contact with influential people. Such individuals are more interested in performing arts and drama than regular academics like maths and science. You can read more as to how your birth chart indicates career on the link given below. They are crammed with a high sense of ambition and have a very bright mind. Sun in the 3rd House gives them the hunger to succeed in life and grow.

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