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Sun in 10th House

Sun in 10th House

This is one of the best positions of Sun in the birth chart. Sun is the King (Raja) among planets, 10th House is the Rajya Bhava (career, profession, calling, etc.) is ruled by Sun (and also by Mars to an extent). 

How does the Sun Characterize Your Relations with Your Father If It is Present in the 10th House?

The 10th House concerns the father, and if Sun is there, it is advantageous to the father of the individual. Father is strict and disciplined but also affectionate for such individuals. Sometimes the father is in the government service or plays an active role in politics. In either case, the father has less time to spend on the individual's upbringing and makes it up by employing various domestic servants and private tutors. The individual serves the father very well in the latter's old age or any other kind of disability of the father. Even at grown-up age, the individual has a kind of inner fear from father owing to the father's strict discipline in the individual's childhood. 

Father doesn't usually interfere with the married life of the individual. However, the father rarely approves of any love affair of the progeny up to 18 years of age, and in case of any such circumstance, tries his best to put an end to it by all indirect and direct means. 

In this context, remember that own planets rule every individual. The child's planets or vice-versa have minimal influence on another person's life, whatever the relationship between the two. The child can have the most 15% influence on the father's planets, while the father has hardly 5 to 10% influence on the child's fate and fortune, whether the father has only one child or more. 

How Does the 10th House Pave the Way for Your Earnings and Income?

The 10th House mostly rules the question of the primary source of earnings and income. Therefore the matter needs to be studied in its full perspective, with particular reference to the Rashi in the 10th House, its lord's position in the birth chart, and a comprehensive study of the Navamsa chart, in case of both female and male individuals. Ancient acharyas of astrology have attached significance to the lord of the 10th House from the 10th House in the birth chart (which means the lord of the 7th House) and its position in the Navamsa chart for both females and males. The Sapta-Varga strength of these two lords respectively of the 10th and 7th houses in the birth-chart and their relationship with the 10th House of the birth chart needs to be studied.

How Does the 5th House and its Lord Govern Your Education? 

In this context, it is requisite to study the influence of the 5th House, as the 5th House and its lord govern the component of education. Thus the planets in the 5th House, the relationship of the 5th House with the 5th House lord, and the 10th House presumes importance while studying the career and source of livelihood of any individual.

It has been described in several cases that the individual has departed or separated from the education received and has gone into other employment, profession, business, calling, or even self-employment, and also including in social work and politics. Thus while dealing with a specific person's source of livelihood, a study of the 10" house along with the 7th House should be taken into consideration. In the birth chart and the Navamsa chart, the detailed study should include the 5th House and its lord as well. The 10th House has significance as it depends on the father. In many cases, the individual follows the line of career and livelihood of the father; for example, a lawyer's son or daughter becomes a lawyer, a medical man's son or daughter is deemed fit for the medical line, and quite often, best efforts are made to bring the child into father's line of livelihood. A father having the primary source of livelihood from rental income from properties or agriculture often wishes that the son or the daughter continue in the same line of livelihood, no doubt beside another line of livelihood. 

What Role Does the Sun Play in the 10th House?

In the above context, the Sun in the 10" house assumes particular importance (no doubt other planets too in the 10th House have equal importance). Sun is more concerned with employment under Government, semi-government or public sector or civic bodies like municipal services, or otherwise with active politics, social and religious work (under the Government's banner or having a touch of the governmental system). Want to read how Sun helps you in Government jobs, read the link below.

As stated above, the Navamsha position of Sun read with birth-chart-cum-Navamsha position of the lord of the 10" house and the Navamsha position of other planets in the 10" House will also matter with relation to the primary source of income of the individual (both female and male). These stars would associate themselves with the field of employment under Semi-government or Government department or civic body or public sector undertaking (including insurance companies owned by Government or working under government banner as in India and banks). Regarding social work, these associated stars would directly affect the field of activity of the individual. Even concerning religious activity, the associated planets always have their "say' in the matter. It is so because there are various fields of activities and duties related to religious work. For example, such as finances,  management, construction and maintenance, the security of the jewellery on the deities/ statues, the security of the visitors, preparation of offerings to the main deity, preparation of 'prasadam' to be given to the visitors, recitation of scriptures and arrangement of discourses, etc.

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