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Sun in Taurus Sign

Sun in Taurus Sign

Natives are also likely to take the lead in the production of comparable clothing, perfumes, and luxury items. Natives will get wealth from father, speculation, stocks, and comparable sources, but be very cautious along with this money. Chances are being of a professional artisan and a connoisseur of music. There will be a distance between you and your spouse. Natives are capable of hard work and are additionally beautiful, thin but suffer from the risk of face and mouth diseases. Natives possess musical expertise and will be in danger from water. And this will be Ideal for Cancer (as it is near the 11th residence in a feminine. It indicates gain through females), Leo (high position), and Aquarius ascents. Moon's factor is that the Sun will make the native available in contact with women, through sexual contact or alongside fulfilling the responsibilities. Saturn's aspect on Sun will no longer give the desired effects.

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