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Sun in Scorpio Sign

Sun in Scorpio Sign

Native could be irascible, stubborn, active, and untruthful. Natives will also be part of an armored or uniformed carrier, so ally specific if the Sun has a Mars factor in here. The native will lack intelligence and be afflicted with weapons, fire, and poison. The above will no longer come to a wrap in case the moon is factoring the Sun here. Natives will be unlucky when it comes to parents. This function specifically is no longer desirable for the native father, who is estimated to die early or relations with family members. The native is not always likely to rise in life along with married life troubles and early loss of his spouse. The native will be involved with low-elegance women. There are chances of meeting with an accident. The native will be long-lived and wealthy in case the ascendant is Capricorn. Similar effects will be produced through the Sun if it is aspected through Jupiter. In this type of case, the native will be the judge.

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