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Sun in 9th house

Sun in 9th house

We will be discussing here the effects of the Sun in 9th house as per North Indian Astrology. According to South Indian and Western Astro, the case is quite different. There, the Sun in the 9th house of native determines everything related to the father which is not correct. This 9th house belongs to Father and Sun is the Karak. Hence, the relation of the Native with his father, inheritance issues, the health of Father are determined by this. You can read more as to how your birth chart indicates parent child relationship on the link given below. The malefic Sun in this position may cause some serious harms in form of losses to father- both financial and worldly possessions. It also determines the general relationship of native with grandparents & other relations, mostly paternal. A chance of illicit relationship within the family can be seen where the native may get involved unintentionally. Also, destruction of comforts earned by ancestors and deprivation from the paternal property are some of the commonly observed issues. 

Effects the Sun in 9th house on Professional Life

The Sun in the 9th house stays somewhat neutral except for government employees, people in active politics or people at the helm of management of social and religious institutes. The natives also tend to interfere in the work of colleagues hence making situations difficult. Combination of other planet positions along with Sun in 9th house determines the course of professional life here. Partnership business is observed to have some ill effects due to the Sun in the 9th house. Distrust, the inclination of partners towards criminal activity, groupism where more partners are involved are some of the common side effects which ultimately results in dissolution of a profitable partnership. This situation may make the native (also one of the partners) suffer severe losses. You can read more as to how your birth chart indicates business partnership on the link given below.

People having Sun in 9th house are spiritually inclined. This trait of their personality usually makes them get a good position in the system dealing in spirituality, religion or law. If the planet Mars has a strong influence on the Sun then such people may become sports referees. Natives with Sun in 9th house also find good career growth as diplomat, translator or even as a writer. 

Positive Effect of the Sun in 9th house

Interestingly, a lone Sun in 9th house bestows good fortune to government employees & people who are active in the field of politics, social work etc. However alone Sun cannot bring good fortune, it also depends over the best utilization of the available resources & opportunities.

Other Traits of the Native

In case of the dispute concerning the ancestral property share, the native of Sun in 9th house should deal with the matter cautiously as his/her paternal relations may try to deceive him by giving him lesser share at the time of distribution of property. However, with the aid of favourable co-operation from government employees and smart strategy, they not only earn their share back but also get something out of the share of others. Natives of the Sun in the 9th house are not very benevolent when it comes to donations and charity. Such people are very good at taking advantage of the situation, they are very lousy workers but when it comes to taking credits they put on a great show of their deeds.

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