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Sun in Gemini Sign

Sun in Gemini Sign

The natives are mathematicians, desirable writers, learned, lucky, wise, sensible, and a good orator. Native's education will be top-notch, and the mind will be capable of functioning on several subjects at once. Natives will not be financially stable. Native's father will get married more than once. Natives are well-behaved and enthusiastic about children. For Leo Ascendants, the Sun at this sign is great for the father. In the case of Scorpio, the Sun will further shorten its native presence. In Sagittarius, the natives will be with a well-behaved spouse, and the natives will be even more fortunate after marriage. In the case of Capricorn, the natives will be successful in the proceedings. In the case of Aquarius, the number of children will be severely restricted. Except for the Ascendants owned through Venus, the Moon or Mars factors of the Sun will now no longer result with the desired effect.

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