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Sun in 1st House

sun in 1st house

Sun is the strongest planet and its placement in any of the houses can impact a person’s life. When it comes to its impact based on its placement in the first house, and then it can be both positive and negative.

People who have Sun in their first house are filled with vitality and positive energy. They possess radiant charisma. Those having the Sun in the 1st house of their horoscope will be blessed with great physical appearance and persona but, when the same sun is in a bad state, it can have an adverse effect.

The Sun impacts a person’s life positively, but adversely, it can make them have a bad temper, makes a person stubborn. Such individuals may face monetary challenges, like if they have any pending dues from government bodies, the payment might get delayed.

In case you are working as a goods producer or supplier, then your consignment may get rejected by the other parties for their selfish reasons. People having the Sun in a bad state may get transferred to inopportune posts and places. They may also have to face enquiries from the officials for their conduct. Such charges may sometimes extend to their personal life as well.

Effects of Sun in the 1st house

Yes, that’s an absolute truth. The better the Sun in a good state can do to a person; its bad state can have an adverse effect on a person’s life.

1. The Sun provides strength to the individual but at the same time, it can put you in the state of embarrassment. But, an important point to note here is that the Sun in the 1st house in birth chart makes a person highly efficient and active. You would hardly find them idling around.

2. Such individuals do wonders if they enter into active politics. They will be easily able to climb the ladder of success and gain prestige and power. Even if they don’t enter active politics they continue to have good connections with politicians and other high-profile dignitaries.

Word of Caution: In case the Sun is in the 1st house of its own Rashi (horoscope) Leo or in Pisces, or in Aries or in Virgo, it can prove too harmful for these people. In such cases, the Sun brings a bad name. Such individuals are blamed for their disobedience, irrespective of the fact that they are so or not.

1. Another ill-effect can be health issues like poor eyesight, trouble with the eye(s) in childhood, mild skin ailment, and headache. Otherwise, the Sun doesn't have much adverse effect on your health. You can read more as to how does your birth chart indicate health issues on the link given below.

2. Individuals who go for self-employment or are in business or private services do get remarkable success and also get fame but often earn enemies as well. Their colleagues, subordinates will try to harm them emotionally and monetarily.

3. People having the Sun in the 1st house may appear over ambitious to others but they are concerned and sometimes are afraid to take risks. In case the Sun is the only planet in the 1st house, then such individuals are extroverted, straightforward but they will not hurt the feelings of others.

4. Such individuals, usually males, may not have a very cordial relation with their legal spouse. They don’t hesitate to find love outside their marriage.

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People with the Sun in the 1st house are very compassionate and well-behaved with their subordinates, employees and servants but their over-romantic nature towards their subordinates makes their personality questionable. They are very cautious about their look and appearance.

Effects of Sun in the 1st house on Love/Relationship and Marriage 

People with the Sun in the 1st house have excessive ego issues, especially in love relationships. These people suffer from overpowering jealousy and possessiveness and consist of a strong sense of pride. The natives tend to overlook their partner’s needs and force their own thoughts and will on others. These people prioritize self-love over everything else.

Sun in the 1st house depicts the marriage of the seventh house. If the native’s Sun is in the right deposition according to the degree, sign, and placement, the married life will be successful. However, if the planet gets interrupted by the malefic planet or the 7th house is not in the right deposition, the marriage life of the native suffers. The native can face disharmony, and there are high chances of temporary separation as well as permanent divorce. 

Effects of Sun in the 1st house on Career/Business and Finance

Sun in the first house depicts the dynamic personality, authority and brilliance of the native. These persons are highly social and generally have a huge social circle. They have inborn leadership skills and will power and they are with showstopper or show-stealers. The natives with Sun in the first house have the power to awestruck the audience with their radiance and positive aura.

The people with Sun in 1st house are highly ambitious, have a strong moral character, right-minded in nature and possess immense love for power and self. The native will be quite successful in politics and has the ability to stay in position or power for some years.

These things can take a turn if the Sun afflicts in the native’s horoscope. Due to their bad temper and inability to adjust, they fall prey to their subordinate’s plan of harming them. In the right of their success and career, they usually pave a way for their enemies as well.

Negative effects of Sun in the 1st house in horoscope

Apart from whatever is narrated above, Sun in the 1st house in a horoscope can give some adverse effects also. 

  1. First and foremost negative effect of Sun in the 1st house is that the person can be egotistical nature, arrogant and have an argumentative nature all the time. 

  2. The person can have an oppressive nature & nature of not caring what others feel or may think. 

  3. The person can suffer psychological imbalances and reach the extremes in many traits of life.

  4. Sun in the 1st house can make a person too introvert & can restrict their self-expression. 

  5. It can make them feel insecure but still they may not accept it due to high ego. 

  6. People with Sun in the 1st house may not like to change easily or to learn the new skills sometimes even if the suggestions are for their good.   

  7. These people have a tendency not to close the conflicting situations & also keep the things & secrets to their chest. 

  8. People with Sun in the 1st house are too concerned to their image in public and workplace. 

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