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Sun in 11th House

Sun in 11th House

The 11th House is mostly concerned with income, earnings, the actual arrival of money in hand, and mental disposal of self towards progeny. In later life with fiancée, lover or spouse of son and daughter.

Other subjects of concern for 11th House are loss or gains from a brother or sister, illegitimate children, left lower ribs, left arm, left breast, or left portion of the chest. 

How Does the Sun in 11th house Affect you?

Sun is such a powerful planet what whenever it conjuncts with any other planets, it absorbs all good impact of that particular planet. While I will explain separately how the Sun in 11th house affects when it conjuncts with other planets, it will be interesting for you to understand this with a live example. 

At least in government servants, politicians in power, officers, and staff in semi-government or public sector give a mixture of fair and unfair income in cash or kind. Even if a government servant is truthful and sincere, corrupt persons will make him dishonest by seeking favours. 

An Instance Below Will Make This Point Clearer

The Commissioner of Income Tax was known for his sincerity and honesty. One very rich assesses asked for a favour from this Commissioner. It was an irrational and unjustified appeal in his tax assessments. When the Income Tax Officer was out of town for a week on his official duty, this businessman went to his place and did not disclose his identity to the officer's wife and enquired about his return to the town. The businessman noticed that even though he was the Commissioner's, he had no fridge (refrigerator) at his residence. Then the businessman sent a fridge to the Commissioner's residence without disclosing the identity of who sent it. The fridge was installed in the officer's residence. His wife enquired from the installers but could not know who had sent it. The simple reply was, "the boss has ordered it."

On return from the tour, the officer couldn't trace the sender. The officer could not do anything as he could not even put it outside his House, as it was unknown to whom to return it. After six months, when the businessman's appeal was to come forward for hearing, he casually enquired the Commissioner if the fridge was working fine. That is when the Commissioner came to know the source of supply. After six months of use, it was not appropriate to give back a used fridge. He understood the businessman's trick and sent a crossed cheque to the businessman, which the businessman never encashed. The businessman's appeal then had to be granted, and the innocent officer sought and got himself transferred to another province! 

How does the Sun affect Government servants as well as other people? 

Note that it happens to only a government servant but people in India are known to drop direct and indirect hints for gratification, like jewellery for daughter's or son's marriage, demanding precious-stone rings, free air passage to go abroad, etc. Examples from personal experiences and beliefs are many officers in public dealing departments, like Police, Income-tax, Central-Excise, Customs, Sales-tax, Telecommunications, Public Works, Law. Courts, Irrigation directly demand bribes one cash and openly haggle on the amount of the bribe. Some do directly, while some have agents or family members as ago and conduits. 

And many such corrupt officers and staff members have their agents and sources to invest this illegal money secretly. 

One such official of the Public Works Department (PWD) would obtain loans from his own Provident Fund in the office to establish that he was honest and incorruptible and required money for day-to-day expenses, while the hidden fact was that he was running a business in joint names of the members of the family and was investing the loans from the Provident fund into that business. 

How does the Sun affect your Health? 

Sun usually is not a planet injurious to general health or any limb or part of the body unless associated with some injurious planet. Sun causes fever (sometimes high fever if it is unfavourably placed in the yearly chart), easily curable skin ailment, or tolerable fluctuation in the blood system. Sun generally does not associate itself with females' menstrual cycle disorders unless linked with Mars, Venus or Saturn, or Rahu. 

What is uncertain about the Sun? 

One point is more or less sure about Sun. It doesn't tolerate any love affair or casual friendship of the child with any member of the opposite sex, whether in the school or college or neighbourhood or with an equal aged child of a relative family. After the child reaches the average age for marriage, the individual (father or mother) with Sun in 11th House would be willing to consider, in an unbiased manner, any marriage-oriented love affair of the child, only on merits and demerits. One big problem in this connection is that the individual would attach due or undue importance to his own family and status compared to that of the fiancée or the lover. However, Sun is an easy surrender to convincing the child's pleas or the individual's spouse or any senior member of the family or outsider friend of the individual. Therefore, in a controversy, it is always advisable for the child to use these approaches. 

How does the Sun influence you when it lies in the 11th House?

An individual whose Sun in the 11th House is very concerned with a significant sense of self-respect. In case, after marriage, the individual finds that the son-in-law or daughter-in-law is in a mood of a challenge or confrontation, the individual (if a man) would withdraw from the situation. If the individual were a woman, she would first put in a fight based on her viewpoint, and on defeat would try to make the person opposite her to withdraw from the situation or from the joint family itself. 

These individuals with Sun in 11" House would temper rather quickly too, but often suppress the anger and bet words and resort to silence. When angry, they de shout and regret it and often attempt a compromise and fresh understanding. 

How does the Sun characterize the Progeny? 

It is a general belief that Sun gives only male children or at least a male child first of all, but it has not been found a correct belief. Sun can give progeny of both sexes, of any sex in the first instance. Secondly, getting children or their sex depends on the spouse's planets too, because no single individual can produce a child, whatever the progress in the modern world's science. 

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