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Sun in 8th house astrology

The Sun has the most potent & strong celestial presence. Health might be an issue for people having Sun in the 8th house. Such individuals mostly suffer from sudden fever, skin ailments, heat strokes, etc. Just as scorching rays of sun burn everything, the body may feel a burning sensation, resulting in further aggravation. A sensitive part of the Body, the anus, is directly associated with 8th house hence suffers most. Apart from it, blood circulatory issues can crop up. One should note that the malefic influence of Sun, supported by malefic influences in the horoscope may cause serious illness which may be life-threatening. Sun may give health issues during its own mahadasha or antardasha, which may last from a period of one month to six years. You can read more as to how your birth chart indicates health issues on the link given below.

Effects of Sun in the 8th house in a birth chart

Effects of Sun in the 8th house can be distinguished by seeing its impact on the important aspects and traits of the person. These effects mainly talk about their personality, ability to adjust with the spouse, family members, and with the people at the workplace. It has direct effects on the married life, professional life, and finances of the person. I am explaining some of the major effects of this position of Sun in small but different categories as below for ease of understanding.

Effects of Sun in 8th house on Love/Relationship and Marriage

The Sun in the 8th house will provide a secure financial status to the married couples. Focus on career increases, and the native receives wealth from property or marriage through inheritance by the in-laws. Married life will stay the same; however, there can be an increase in arguments and clashes. 

Love life and relationships of teens and college students might not be that exciting as it can bring unpopularity, sadness, and pain. Their love life will not be the same for a more extended period, and there are high chances of getting discouraged and cheated. 

The native’s partner will be educated and intelligent and might be interested in Astrology, Vastu, and occult subjects. The spouse will be more practical and realistic and not so emotional like the other one. Be ready for the criticism related to your career and domestic issues from your partner.

How will Sun in the 8th house affect Career/Business and Finance?

The Sun in the 8th house means the career starts becoming stable from the age of 31. Such people notice a growth in their career during the middle years of their life. If the native is more inclined towards making a career in spirituality and religion, it will make them feel more happy and prosperous. There are high chances that the native might turn into a yoga teacher or spiritual teacher. 

People with the Sun in the 8th house can fetch a promising career in the field of Astrology, and they might own a fitness center or yoga center. The natives can also get employment in the textile and cotton industry and can possess some agricultural lands. 

Sun in the 8th house indicates that the native will never face any financial issue related to his/her family. However, the native’s earning might start from the age of 27 years. Initially, the income can be very low. The most favorable business that will suit the native is related to CNG, Petroleum, and Gas. 

This person is also capable of running an education institute that can be affiliated with the government. The overall financial condition will get stronger till the native completes 30 years of his life.

The Professional life of people with Sun in 8th house

Natives of Sun in the 8th house of the horoscope get favours by the supreme presence of the Sun. They qualify the competitions or interviews for government and semi-government services. The ever-powerful Sun also helps an individual get an entry into active politics. Sometimes even by working as a support to politicians & bureaucrats, the native gets benefited. In short, the Sun helps them to enter the upper strata of society. Natives may also be found actively involved in liaison work with the government. On the other hand, illegal activities such as smuggling are directly concerned with the 8th house. The direct connection of sun with government agencies and administration encourages a chance of conflict, resulting in a physical assault on the native.

Ill-effects of Sun in 8th house

As discussed earlier, the 8th house rules health. The natives of the horoscope may sustain minor injuries while performing any kind of stunt or sports activity. Also, the native has fair chances to sustain injuries during an election rally, processions, picketing of political and religious nature. Technically, all of the attributes form the running of government to administration in general. A particular aspect of the natives of the Sun in 8th house horoscope is getting involved in bribery. It may lead to a penalty, fine, even imprisonment but a chance of the death penalty is remote unless Sun is not directly involved with another strong start.

A common myth Busted

It is widely believed by few astrologers that the health of the father will get affected by the Sun in the 8th house. It is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, the native’s horoscope helps the father have worldly gains and enjoy a good, healthy life. Sun, here, is actually responsible for the affectionate and strong bond between the father & his offspring.

An important point to note about the people having Sun in 8th house is that they have a different approach towards life. They have an unconventional way of thinking. When it comes to a relationship, then it tests their patience at every stage. For such people, adaptability to something new in the course of life. Sun in the 8th house gives them the capacity to understand the deeper meaning of life.

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