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Sun in Cancer Sign

Sun in Cancer Sign

The native will provide service to mothers and must work very dedicatedly. Monetary stability will be average and could wax and wane. Natives are desirable, good looking, fickle-minded but suffer from stress disposition and poor stamina. The native will stand against the father and elders in the circle of relatives but will be close to the mother and family. Natives are easy-going and honorable and are likely to profit via shipping, water-related jobs, or the public, along with performances intended for the general public, and are likely to stay close to the water from time to time. The native will receive property and wealth from his parents. If the moon is weak, married life will be unsatisfactory. The native will indulge in intoxicating drinks. If the ascendant is Scorpio or Sagittarius, it reduces the lifespan of the father. Mars or Saturn factors in the Sun no longer provide the desired effect.

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