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Sun in Aries sign

Sun in Aries sign

Natives are wealthy, insightful, very smart, most likely a doctor or health worker, arms trader, and will outperform themselves in this field, also be long-lived. Natives will be bold, competitive, self-assured, but health will be poor. Natives will have a great bone structure. Natives will travel a lot and be interested in exploring. Receiving help from people who are in position is a time for the realization of political ambitions, and no longer hate religion. The ideology of existence will be positive. This position is good for Cancer (a very superior raj yoga), Leo (affluence and power), Libra (spouse from an aristocratic family and raj yoga thru), and Sagittarius (function and excessive function) ascendants. In the Aquarius ascendant, it makes an individual spiritual and lucky because the owner of the 7th residence is promoted within the 9th residence from it. Natives will be happily married. The Saturn element in Sun, except for ascents, the path of Venus, would not be desirable.

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