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Sun in Aquarius Sign

Sun in Aquarius Sign

Natives will suffer from heart disease. Natives will be physically sound. However, for the ascension of Cancer, this setting of the Sun will also be the cause of death in its great length or sub-periods. Natives will be miserable, and it will no longer have much wealth. For Aries' ascension, the Sun in its prime length or sub-periods, will introduce more friends or male infants and wealth. The aspect of Jupiter or Saturn will enhance matters considerably insofar as materialistic well being is concerned. The native will have an accountable mind and will remain responsible. And as a result, it can be relied upon. Natives will no longer be a company friend; however, be famous and social, and aspire to be their own master. Its existence could also have the effect or involvement of tribes in it. Natives will be unsatisfied with children.

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