Sun in Different Houses & Signs

The sun, the star located at the center of the Solar system, plays a vital role in Vedic astrology. Sun's position in the house, i.e., the house occupied by the sun in native's birth chart) throws light on the area of one's life where one needs to feel something unique. It is the right place where one can differentiate oneself from others and maintains one's niche.

Effects of Sun in different Houses and Signs 

This burning star rules over one's vitality and focuses on one's strength of the body. It bestows on him success and fortune, and he becomes a unique individual in his life. So, those with strong sun have a dominating attitude and are frank, generous, firm, and outspoken. They have the goodwill of superiors and are very impressive. They also crave power and authority. Physically, they have a round face with attractive eyes. Overall, their personality works like a magnet to others. 

Moreover, the sun's position reveals the areas where we can shine. The areas related to that house shed light on the types of experiences that enhance our individuality and give a new shape to our sense of pride. These areas are the right places for us, where we can express our powerful sun sign qualities. 

It is better to describe the sun as active rather than reactive force. Nevertheless, we can make changes in the affairs made in the house of our sun. For the right direction and happiness in our lives, we need to become familiar with the different areas of life that are governed by this particular house. For all this, we all need to shine in some ways in these areas of life. We all should not ignore this house related as it plays a significant role in our lives. 

So, if this burning star lies in the sixth house, we must know that being benevolent to others by helping them in their daily work is essential to retain our identity. By taking appropriate action to find our niche regarding the service or work, we can contribute immensely to our sense of self-worth and esteem. 

We all must be cautious not to over-identify the affairs of the sun's house. We may over-develop our egoism in these areas. As a result, our pride may be easily bruised. For instance,—if the sun lies in our natal chart's sixth house, we will end up creating many problems. We will over-identify our work and feel useless when not doing any work. We will exaggerate the services we provide to others. And, finally, we will become over-reactive to criticism of the job we do and get involved in the service of getting our true calling in life.  

Briefly, although our sun's sign throws light on our personality traits and how we shine, the house, where you find our sun shows where we shine. 

The chart wheel images in the following interpretations work as guides and help you locate the sun as found in each of your horoscope.

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