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Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in 12th House

This page is to explain role, good/bad effects of Saturn in 12th house in birth chart. Saturn is a natural malefic that causes depression, stress, property loss, and wealth if placed in the 12th House of a native's birth chart. You may have to contend with several enemies in the guise of friends inside your family circle.

The twelfth also indicates that the native may settle permanently overseas. It also rules confinement, loss of money, and energy. On the other side, it reflects on the charitable instincts of the individual, his spirituality, the subconscious. It is restrictive, inordinately delays all the processes, and brings in an element of law and order into whatever the native does. 

How does Saturn in the 12th house affect natives?

Saturn in the twelfth House has remarkable results on the life of a person born with that configuration. Saturn divulges how evolved you were in your previous life concerning your spiritual sadhana. The twelfth House tells on the peace of mind, initiates the native into spirituality, and induces him to seek some solitary places for some time to be alone and by himself. Only the karmically connected individuals would cross his path, and he would not find anyone new to set up an acquaintance with. So, he finds himself more in the company of his family rather than anyone else. Saturn stands for the oppressed, the downtrodden. The native would be forced to go overseas to use his discipline tactics and social standing to uplift the cause of the oppressed there. Especially when they grew up in their mid-thirties, they would get this calling to serve the god's lesser children overseas. 

You can see diplomats, or secretary of state in charge of international relations, having this confluence. Serving overseas would bring in dividends for him.

Saturn aspects the 2nd House, from the 12th House, which governs the area of lineage, and affluence. Saturn is restrictive, and hence here too, he wields his influence, because of which the native would be separated from his family or motherland. The native with Saturn in the 12th is on the spiritual quest for enlightenment. The native's marriage will not be stable because of turbulences. 

Significance of the 12th House in Astrology

The significance of the 12th House in Astrology is to be pondered with care. The 12th House in Astrology is termed as a house of mystery, that twilight zone that the human soul passes through, overseas residence, and losses due to enemies or loss of health. 

You might have wondered what these fantasy writers are made of. Just nothing but a Saturn in the 12th House. This position allows them to see life beyond life in different dimensions that we have known or heard of. This is what a fantasy writer should be made of. It also stands for life in its final stages and the death that looms large. Losses on the positive note would be investments, donations, and junk clearance in the House. Negative connotations of this planetary placing would mean death losses. Unforeseen expenditure and even theft in extreme cases.

What does Saturn represent in Astrology?

Saturn represents a host of things in Astrology. Saturn draws the limits for everything we do and we cannot do. He wakes us up alarmingly to realities and the harsh truths of life. Our dreams and fantasies of earlier and younger years get replaced by an awareness of grim and harsh realities. We must aim to clarify our goals and perceptions and try to go about them systematically and rationally. 

Saturn is an intense spiritual planet and wields an unstoppable spiritual influence. Although slow, he casts an indelible impression on our minds and leaves deep imprints of the healing energy into our souls. He is not a casual and lighthearted planet. He is serious with everything he does and helps us become more thoughtful and practical versions of ourselves. The position of Saturn will let us know if we are going to realize the lessons that Saturn teaches us for this lifetime or go through the punishments, he inflicts due to our inability and unwillingness to learn them. 

Results of Saturn in the twelfth house

Saturn in the twelfth house makes a person a solitary-loved and introverted person. Due to this planetary position, you may lead a lonely life. You can become a person who loves spirituality, and soon you may get detached from the worldly life. Saturn positioned at this place gives interest in esoteric subjects and spiritual practices. You may face disorders like insomnia in your life, which means it impacts your sleep cycle. You may face some major problems in your left eye and feet. Due to this position of Saturn, you may face ups and downs in your financial condition. You may stay away from your family and get benefits from residing abroad. You can have a good relationship with the people who live in a foreign land. You may not take an interest in bed pleasure. You can become a person who loves to be involved in esoteric fields or can become an occultist. You may work in a hospital or prison department. You can offer your services to a temple, spiritual organization, or ashram. You may have a special interest in Yoga. You can become a person with a serious tone. You can also become a speaker who shares opinions on esoteric and serious subjects. You may face diseases related to the mouth, eyes, teeth, tongue, intestines, and thighs. You can become a spiritual practitioner. You can undertake several foreign trips. You can also travel abroad continuously for work purposes. If there is an affliction on the twelfth house or twelfth lord and Saturn, you may fail to accumulate wealth. You may have more expenses than your income. Due to any reason, you may have to go to jail.

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