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Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in 3rd House

For Saturn, this is one of the best positions. This allows the person to work hard, gives courage and courage to face difficulties and hard-line opponents. The approach adopted by the person often proves correct and successful. The person can demonstrate a practical and result-oriented police officer, defense officer, ordnance scientist surveyor of enemy areas, including enemy On the frontier and within the nation, defense formations. When posted in the armed forces or paratrooper or bombardier, the person, whether male or female, proves useful and effective in discharging duties and responsibilities.


Effects of Saturn in the Fourth House

The person often extends a helping hand to his brother, sister, or cousin but usually does not show love and affection for all of them or some of them outwardly. The person occasionally suffers, leg-pulling by a brother/sister or cousin, in the same way. One thing is sure, however, in this context: either side does not hesitate to render physical service/help to each other.


However, when Saturn in the Karaka chart is Bharti-karaka or Capricorn in the 3rd house or Mars occupies the 9th house and casts full Drishti on Saturn in the 3rd house, there is a risk to the life or limb of the younger brother or sister. 


Saturn's 3rd house's most essential part is that this is the 10th house's 6th position, which governs career, profession, business, work, and livelihood. Thus, without much burden on the purse, Saturn's position helps win over or wipe out enemy opponents, adversaries, etc. It applies even more to trade union leaders, scientists, technocrats, industry owners, managers of defense and industrial police units, pilots, locomotive drivers, and train engineers. It also applies to persons operating large-scale agricultural holdings, labor suppliers and placement services, petroleum traders, lubricants, diesel, allied oils, etc., as well as oilseed traders in society.  


This person commands respect for hard work, foresight, and single-aimed progress

Suppose a person runs Saturn mahadasa in the prime of youth or gets Saturn's antardasa in Venus or Mercury or Jupiter mahadasa when the person is at the threshold of entering self-earning. In that case, it is almost guaranteed that the person will experience the best results in his work and livelihood.


In the 3rd, Saturn sometimes brings jealousy from the uncles, aunts, and spouses of a spouse's brothers, sisters, cousins, or sisters. These individuals 

It cannot cause any harm or harm to the individual in the normal course, except for heartburn or anxiety or side worry. It is always advisable for these people not to enter into a partnership business with an uncle or aunt or to own property with an uncle or aunt in common names. When it comes to inheritance, the part company is always better when relationships are sweet and soft.


Another significant point is that, regardless of whether the person is a man or a woman, these individuals should always maintain a respectable distance from the spouses of brothers, sisters, and cousins. 

Such individuals may cause a severe injury or bone injury to players on their side or other side in sports and games, in playgrounds, in adolescent or early youth years.


These individuals normally charge on the natural or foster or adoptive mother's purse without hurting her emotions. They rarely lose their due share of inheritance from the mother's side, and they openly or secretly receive the lion's share in some cases.


In student life and competitions, these people do not hesitate to use unfair means, mainly because they do not consider "unfair means" as unfair; in examinations, they think everything is fair!

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