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Saturn in 10th House

Saturn in 10th House

This is Saturn's very delicate position since it may support or strike in the same breath. In one's acts and actions, the individual must be very vigilant, alert, and diligent, mind awakened when dealing with workers, subordinates, servants, and labor and followers in politics, religious activities, and leadership of the trade union.


Effects of Saturn in 10th House

On this behalf, some points are essential, viz., 

(a) Which houses Saturn owns and how those two houses are situated concerning the 10th House,

(b) Which planet is the 10th house lord and what the relationship is, the relationship and relationship permanently at the time of birth, known as the Tatkaalik relationship, and how the two stars are connected in the birth chart at Navamsha-chart. To make the point clear, suppose the 10" house is owned by Mercury, a Saturn friend in a permanent relationship. However, if Mercury is located five houses away from the Birth-chart's 10th house, it has an enemy-type relationship with Saturn at the time of birth. Since Trikona's relationship between Mercury and Saturn (5:9) in the Birth-chart, Saturn will offer good results in the 10th House on the whole.

(c) Let's take the second case. Suppose the Lord of the 10th House is the Sun. Saturn and Sun (although assumed to be son and father) are rivals in lifelong relationships with each other. Then Sun sits in the 6th position from Saturn (i.e., in the 3rd House). At the time of birth, the relationship is also that of a rival, and it would naturally be expected that Sun would adversely affect Saturn's good results in the 10th House. In the 3rd House, the Sun is generally favorable. In the 10th House, Sun will offer outcomes adverse to Saturn's interests, primarily because Saturn and Sun have a 6:8 relationship with each other in the birth chart.

(d) Let us take Sun itself as another example. 9Suppose the Sun is in the 9th  or 11th House, Saturn is pleasant at the time of birth, and the Sun as a whole does not interfere with Saturn's beneficial working in the 10th, and the Sun would give some positive help to Saturn.

(e) In the 8th or 12th house, a third alleged location of the Sun may be. In this position, while Sun is pleasant with Saturn in the birth-time relationship since Sun is in the 8th or 12th House, Sun would create problems and troubles for the person, and the same position of Sun would impede Saturn's beneficial functioning in the 10th House.

(f) Suppose then that Saturn-owned Rasis (Capricorn and Aquarius) are in the 1st and 2nd houses. These positions are beneficial to the functioning of Saturn and therefore advantageous to the individual. But suppose these Rasis are in the 1st and 12th houses, Capricorn in the 12th is harmful to Saturn's helpful attitude to the person, while Aquarius is the 10th House in the 1st House prove helpful to Saturn. Thus, Saturn's influence on the Rasis counterbalanced each other, and Saturn is free to do so on its own, with no impact owned by Rasis.


Suppose that Capricorn and Aquarius are in houses 4 and 5 or houses 3 and 4. These positions of Saturn-twice Rasis will prove beneficial to Saturn in the individual's healthy functioning since ownership of even the 3rd House (despite its place in Saturn in the 10th House) is beneficial to the overall beneficial functioning of Saturn. But through Saturn in the 10th House, the positions of Capricorn and Aquarius in the 4th and 5th House would not be very helpful to the person. Then suppose Saturn is the lord of the 5th and 6th houses, the effect is mutually countered, since the ownership of the 6th House by Saturn is advantageous, whereas it is not the owner of the 5th House.

Let us take some other example, Presume Saturn is lord of the 7th and 8th House. Although the 7th House has a Kendra relationship with Saturn on the 10th, Saturn's ownership of the 7th house is injurious to the individual. In comparison, ownership of the 8th house is beneficial to the individual as a whole, and thus Saturn will give the individual mixed results.


In this matter, yet another example will suffice. Assume Saturn is lord of the 11th and 12th houses; a mixed fare will be its results concerning the 10th House. On the one hand, being lord of the 11th House, Saturn is very favorable, but its favorability is decreased because of the 11th lord occupying the 12th House. Otherwise, ownership of the 12th House by Saturn is not advantageous to the individual. The unfavorable results of the 12th House haring Aquarius in it are also because from the 12th House, the lord of the 12th House (Saturn) occupies the 11th position.

All of this is a very delicate matter, and all associated relationships should be examined with complete attention. 


Then the situation remains that Saturn is lord of the 10th house, itself, and the 9th or the 11th House. It also assumes lordship over both if it is the lord of the 9' house. It is advantageous to the individual in its way, a Kendra and a Trikona, and therefore also become a hard star. It includes benefits from charitable, educational, religious organizations, gains from side business (if the individual is in employment), gains from trade union leadership, or some other labor or agricultural organization. Gains from politics, operating or controlling an industry will also be included. Placement service, dealing with old or new cars, dealing with machinery and its replacement parts, and all other lines attributable to Saturn.


Nevertheless, if Saturn were lord of the 10th and 11th households, it would guarantee success as a trade union leader, labor association or agricultural organization, or political or administrative formation. It helps to be chosen or elected to a place of power by legitimate and unjust means, including parliament, senate, legislature or panchayat or similar public administration formation, and more significant income than expectation and anticipation. At the same time, Saturn will adversely affect education and, to some point, progeny's general health in the 11th House, unless the progeny's stars themselves are very useful in combating the adverse impact of Saturn in the 11th House.

Saturn's place in the 10th House has been given too much importance since the 10th House primarily relates to the source of livelihood and equal or unjust means of revenue, as well as the father's gains or no gains. 


Therefore, it is evident that, relative to other stars or compared to Saturn's location in other houses, for predictive purposes, it is of great significance that Saturn owns the houses in the Birth Chart. In the House occupied by it, Saturn is beneficial (both by reasonable and unfair means and methods), it is in a way detrimental to the House that it specifically looks like (it is the 4th House), While the 11th, 12th, 6th, and 7th houses are all indirectly involved.

It means that when the 10th House is occupied, the middle parts of the body, including the food, heart, and digestive system, property, friends, and domestic happiness or unhappiness, are unfavorable to the 4th House, which regulates mother, conveyance, or means of transport. 


It has been commonly noted that when Saturn is in the 10th House, the individual is deprived of shelter and protection by one of the parents until the individual reaches the 23rd year of age. Saturn in the 10th could also build a gulf between the person and one of the parents in contact or relationship. In childhood, the person may also be brought up or looked after by any blood relation other than the parents, mainly if Sun or Moon is in the 4th or 9th House; if a blood relationship or otherwise, it may be an adopting father or mother.

It is recalled that there are increasing cases of newborn babies being abandoned on highways, garbage bins, doors of places of worship or orphanages, and therefore it is not crucial that adoption is from relationships; it has come to be assumed that children are adopted by any parent (in no way related to the child).


Overlooking this significant point would harm the science of prediction. Their mothers or others often abandoned newborns in ancient times. The most obvious examples are those of Kunti and Karna (in the Hindu epic Mahabharat) or "Shakuntala', whose son's name was Bharat. The beautiful Shakuntala birth charts are not known to anybody. It can safely be concluded that they had Saturn in a good position in the 10th House, regardless of other stars' position. The Saturn adversely affected the 4th House in the 10' house, which governed, among other things, the natural mother.

Saturn in the 10th House also supports unexpected quarters, such as trade unions, caste or community groups, religious bodies, women's organizations, large farm owners manipulating their workers in favor of the individual in selection and election of the individual.


If Saturn is in a watery sign in terms of name, fame, and wealth, there are chances that the person will go overseas to seek means of livelihood and great fortune. Suppose Saturn is in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn). In that case, the person will likely move to another place from the indigenous village, region, city, district, county, or state to pursue better livelihoods.

It may also avoid legal action for civil or criminal offenses or ex-communication by caste, community, religion or local administration, etc., for some other reason.


In other words, Saturn can be said to be in the 10th House. For good or bad, the continuous and permanent relationship between the individual and parents is disturbed. However, it must be remembered that in any planetary impact in which another person is involved, it should be bear in mind that the other person's stars will also affect the circumstance adversely or favorably, or protectively. In the Birth-chart of the individual, the other person or individuals' stars thus help or counteract Saturn's negative influence.

However, it is abundantly clear that Saturn's location in the 10th House warrants unique and centered research.


Another interesting point is that Saturn leads a person to a subsistence source other than that of the parents in the 10th House. If the parents are in the industrial line, the person will deviate from there. Contrastingly, suppose the parental line had no relation or concern with the industrial line. In that case, Saturn in the 10th House could induce the person to follow the industrial line as the main or additional income source.

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