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Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in 6th House

This is yet another place for Saturn that is very favorable. It protects the individual against competitors, rivals, jealous friends and relationships, normal diseases, and infections. It reflects higher credibility and improves the social circle (which is sometimes disliked by the spouse because it snatches away time and energy meant for the spouse).


Effect of Saturn in the Sixth House

The family grows increasingly and gradually bigger and becomes a well-knit unit. It provides commercial firms, manufacturing units, and all other income sources, some of which have been referred to in the previous chapters, with expert management control.

The person gets strong support from workers and other skilled and unqualified staff and domestic aid, as they are to a certain extent  satisfied. 


Saturn's job offers soft ties with labor officers, trade union representatives, and inspectors of nearly all offices (excluding Taxation Inspectors, unless Jupiter is also in a favourable position in the Birth-chart as in the Navamsha-chart).

The individual can establish a good rapport with political leaders and bureaucrats, with whom they come in contact or have to deal with them in their official capacity. 


The person can maintain friendly relations with government officials and bureaucrats with whom the person comes in touch or has to communicate with them in their official capacity. 

Saturn's role assists in prompt medical assistance, swift healing and protects against any lifelong invalidity or immobility if the person suffers any severe injury or fracture(s) of bone(s). 


This person's partner readily accuses the person, whether there is a justifiable reason for it or not, of infidelity or unethical relations with a third person.  Therefore, for peace and satisfaction in married life, the person should always behave and act in a guarded manner when approaching or contacting or interacting with the opposite sex. Then the individual should not be unwanted by a member of the spouse's family. And if one of them is a financial burden or invades the individual's time and resources, instead of showing the door to the member of the spouse's kin, it is best to address the point sweetly and gently with the spouse.


Also, the partner should not be needy of the funds needed for day-to-day living expenses. In terms of progeny and other dependants in the family or even outside the immediate family, the individual should consciously take an appropriate interest in schooling and education and settlement in marriage or profession.

It is easier to compromise if the spouse or progeny dislikes any pet animal(s) owned by the person, even by having the pet animal(s) leave.


This child is not very good for upbringing at or under the maternal grandparents' home's supervision since the person is likely to come into overt or indirect confrontation with a mother's brother or sister in the long run. Avoiding such a scenario is easier.


Because of the physical strength of self or physical support of others being available or interactions with people in authority, the person should not feel arrogant and avoid physical aggression, particularly against the spouse and offspring

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