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Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in 7th House

The seventh house of horoscope is meant for relations, pleasure, and marriage. This house ascertains whether the native will get support or betrayal from the spouse. The seventh house represents Libra, whose lord Venus symbolizes marriage, romance, love, and pleasures. The married of the native will be full of trust, loyalty, and dependability. But there could be a lack of excitement in their married life. Although their married life will be long-lasting and fulfilling, a feeling of boredom may grip their conjugal life and union. The spouse will be caring, desirous, and responsive, but the native will not content with marriage and family life. 

Impact of Saturn in the Seventh House on the Natives 

Saturn positioned in the seventh house causes hurdles in the marriage by postponing it. It gives rise to pre-marital affairs, especially if Venus is under some control after 14-16 years. If Mercury's influence over Saturn, the affair will be at the school or college life stage. It negatively impacts husband-wife unity during the early years of married life. Quarrels and tensions occur in deals/transactions concerning the selling or purchasing of some high-priced item. Slows business deal decisions, with the effect that, due to the delay, a successful transaction often falls out of hand. It encourages the native to enter into an extra-marital relationship.

Saturn's position in the seventh house supports litigation patterns without any care about outcomes/results. It forces the individual to leave the indigenous city/district/state nation to settle elsewhere for a better life span. Saturn is associated explicitly with venereal infections and AIDS and associated illnesses. While it is usually assumed that only Mars or Sun give bleeding injury, Saturn in the 7th house is completely capable of giving wound-leading injury and its delayed recovery. 

For instance—in Ayn Rand's world-famous book, Fountainhead, Dominique, the first husband of the main female character, strikes a bargain in a way to share his wife with a press tycoon for $2,500,000; to do so, such a husband would have Saturn in the 7'n house. In other words, for whatever cause or consideration, a husband or wife encourages the partner to bed with another person at Stale, which is one of the consequences of Saturn in the 7th house.

Saturn also induces circumstantial or judicial division or separate life between husband and wife in the 7th house. Especially if Mars (and sometimes Jupiter too, where more legal reasons are involved) offers a helping hand to Saturn in this name, this will eventually lead to divorce. Enemy activity or combat in a war or some other form of the fight leads to an injury or large wound to the native at the individual or group level. Lack of complete or partial sexual potency is also predicted within the male. The native may enter or work with or have a contact for or encouragement with illegal or unethical conduct. The major plus point to all these minus points is that in all conflicts, battles, lawsuits and contracts, business agreements, etc., Saturn's status typically appears to give the person an upper hand.

The native will not be involved in any love affairs in their life. He may be involved in one or two serious love affairs, but these relationships will ultimately become unfulfilling and fruitless. He may go for arranged marriages when Saturn is in the seventh house from Lagna Kundli or Natal chart.

Native's sex life will not be very much pleasurable and exciting. He will be devoid of sexual excitement and pleasure even till a young age. Even after marriage, the native will not be interested in physical intimacy but will be inclined towards mental and emotional balance in the family.

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