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Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn in 2nd House

When studying Saturn's role, it must be borne in mind that it is the 8th place in the 7th House that regulates marriage, love affairs, married life, and spousal relationships. Any house's additional 8th location is deemed unfavorable to the individual's House. Thus, Saturn also adversely affects the 7th House, especially when Saturn is in transit through the 2nd House (which is typically around every 28 years) or when the Mahadasa or Antardasa of Saturn is currently operating. It is still helpful for forecasts to take Saturn's location in the Yearly-chart into organized consideration whenever it is so. 


If Saturn is still unfavorably put in the Yearly Table, and adverse relationships between Saturn and other stars whose Mahadasa or Antardasa are present during that time are represented, special precautions and preventive measures will also be necessary for the prevention of any health issue for the spouse to maintain the happy relationship between husband and wife 

Also, Saturn's 2nd house location often contributes to aggression in the relationship between husband and wife, whether the 2nd, 7th, or 8th House has identical star elements in the spouse's horoscope. And conflict or no violence between husband and wife, Saturn's transit over the 2nd House or its Antardasa in the Mahadasa of an adversary will bring health problems to the spouse. These issues may include sprain or bone fracture or severe foot damage, some other form of pain to the legs/feet/waistline/lower spine bone that may cause difficulties with the spouse's free and quick movement.


If Capricorn were in the 1st House, though, Saturn's role in the 2nd House would be in its own Rasi (Aquarius), and therefore would be less dangerous to the partner. On the other hand, it would be Leo in the 2nd House if Capricorn were in the 7th House, and so the adverse impact on the wife would be severe.


Suppose Scorpio or Aries is in the 2nd House with Saturn in it. In that case, the companion must be preventative against fire, skin disorder, headache, eyesight, energy, chemicals, flammables, and other harm that might cause bleeding. It is more important to measure when Saturn has its antardasa under Mars mahadasa or Mars has its antardasa under Mars mahadasa.


Saturn in the 2nd House typically gives slow and steady savings growth, capital build-up and other properties, chances of starting and operating some manufacturing or industrial venture. If Saturn happens to own the 11th or 12th House and is in the House, in terms of savings, resources, and assets, Saturn becomes all the more beneficial to the individual. Often, brothers, sisters, and cousins expect and receive moral and monetary help/support from the individual, depending on their stars, who rarely refuses it as long as their situation and affairs offer space for doing so. In rare cases, indirect or actual jealousy and envy from these blood ties of self or spouse must suffer from the person.


People with Saturn in the 2nd House should take protective precautions against normal pregnancy miscarriage and should discourage surgical termination of pregnancy as it will, in the long run, be detrimental to the wife's wellbeing either way.

In the 2nd, Saturn offers protection against envy, extortion, ridicule, or some other harmful activity against the person holding some social, charitable, or educational office.


On their own, these people should not become deadly rivals, although they retaliate against some physical or moral assault against them. However, in the case of their partner, this principle does not apply, where the people are complicated and difficult, even though the spouse does not deserve it.

Individuals typically have a long life, regardless of whether they are mentally fit for active employment or are crippled by age by this or that health complaint. Saturn has nothing else to do with the bride's longevity, which depends on the bride's stars.


People take a very linear attitude to personal or social or communal, or national issues during active politics. Instead of appreciating the cause, they tend to find supporters of their point of view or position.

In saving money or giving money to their children or giving charity or financial support to needy students, these individuals are generally very calculative. For the money demanded or required, they want a complete explanation.


A person in the 2nd House speaks Saturn. When in rage or a quarrel or in a rebuking mood or when threatening, subdued yet firm in a very calculated manner, generating a feeling of dread in the opposing side's mind.

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