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Saturn in Scorpio Sign

Saturn in Scorpio Sign

The location of Saturn is good to enjoy a serene and acknowledged lifestyle. The native will suffer from a lot of issues such as depression or sadness, and this will also not allow you to make any new friends. You will soon become extremely independent and self-aware. You will remain conscious; will put extreme effort, focused but rude. Apart from that, you are self-sufficient, extremely cruel, and will remain jealous. You will also show extreme power, will remain dominant, and allow no one to disobey you. 


You will be harmed, and the reason will be fire, poison, or intervention of any enemy. You will not have any say or occupancy over anyone else's reservation. You will remain wealthy as well, but your expenditure will be too much. You will also face severe insult in public and will also face restrictions. Now supposedly, Mars is located at an adverse position for the horoscope, or if the same thing happens to Saturn, then there are chances that native can get involved in any crime or dangerous activity. Also, native will not take any interest in spiritual or religious spheres. You will also enhance the capability to reveal various unknown new subjects, concepts, and facts. 


You will get to travel and move to various places. You will live long but die suddenly. This particular location of Saturn is worse for married life; however, it is great for wealth when the Ascendant is Taurus. 

For Libra Ascendant, the native will be left off, but the financial condition will deteriorate due to extravagance. Apart from that, Saturn will be a particular sign which denotes a 'MARAKA PLANET.' It brings out better results, especially for Aquarius Ascendant, as it will put native to a higher position, yet there is a danger of falling from that highest position. The impact of Jupiter on Saturn will bring out amazing results. The impact of the sun or moon on Saturn will bring out a greater outcome. This will be associated with wealth. The impact of Mars will create various criminal intentions in the native. 

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