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Saturn in 9th House

Saturn in 9th House

As per this Saturn's position, the crucial thing to be remembered is that it interferes with the right and claim of inheritance, whether it is the land and other properties of natural parents or adoptive parents or foster parents, even if the gifted property. The person gets much less than her/his rights and demands the inheritance on account of Saturn.

Effects of Saturn in 9th House

Other claimants or non-claimants seek, by whatever means possible, to usurp a portion of the individual's due and right share, including fraudulent lawsuits, or to invade the individual's share or inherited a portion of the land.

The unpropitious part is that, depending on the owner of the 9th house and his relationship with Saturn sitting in the 9th house, in matters relating to property and other properties, uncles or aunts or cousins often behave openly or secretly against the interests of the person. Thus, the person must remain alert about inheritance issues that may involve gifts from any source.

And the insult to the injury is that he or she is placed on the burden of repayment of any liabilities or debts descending on the victim. Sometimes, this burden is more significant than the person's share of the inheritance. However, the spouse of the individual will protect the person from this evil to a certain extent.

If Saturn is directly aspected from the 3rd house by Mars or Jupiter or Jupiter is in the 6th or 8th house, an accusation is typically levelled against the individual by other heirs. Co. Sharers and claimants, that a parent of the person or a grandparent supported the individual with cash or jewellery in a secret way.

In this particular matter, as he/she becomes more intimate and beneficial to the source from which patrimony is to flow down to the individual or the spouse, the person must also be blamed to some degree. It is partially easier to preserve a parent or grandparent's open relationship and services. And if a parent or grandparent breathes his/her last, to prevent post-death claims, accusations, and blames, it is often best to inform both heirs and claimants of the event of death as soon as possible.

These persons are also keen to participate or engage actively in managing religious organizations, charitable trusts, social organisations, etc., and do not seek to keep their actions and behavior above board. Then, charges of mismanagement of funds, embezzlement, pilferage of assets of that body/trust/establishment become a simple scapegoat. And often, even if they have a direct or indirect hand in embezzlement or mismanagement, the blame is justified.

If Sun or Mars is in the 10th house, these citizens plan to march into the political arena through their association organizations. Or involvement in or participation in certain religious/charitable/social systems.

In other respects, these individuals typically do not enjoy a very clear picture and a good image about their attitude towards the opposite sex, particularly those in the wider family. This is valid unless Venus and Jupiter are placed very favorably in the 9th house and are in no way associated or linked with Saturn.

These people do not enjoy good relationships and affectionate relationships with real, foster, or adopting fathers, at least in some cases, especially where Saturn owns the 10th and 11th Houses. The father evokes a sense that the person is too eager to inherit the father's property and money, even during the father's lifetime.

Such people brag and boast a lot about their sense of self-respect and dignity, but they secretly or subtly pocket insult and condemnation to find that they have vested interests.

Such people aim to exploit or abuse the power of their brothers-in-law or sisters-in-social/ law's political/bureaucratic status.

Another negative point for these people is that they do not pay back loans in lump-sum or by the due date. Also, recovering payments from them is difficult. Even when they can clear them, they delay payment of their liabilities. And in this respect, they do not mind insults and threats. They swallow it too quietly if they are treated for non-payment or overdue payment of dues.

They are specialists in crowd gathering for marches, processions, public meetings, screaming slogans, pickets, political and social drives, religious processions, etc. But as a reward for these services, they must earn their due price in cash, kind or uplift.

These people, God Almighty and the Karma-Theory of previous births do not have much faith internally in luck. In their acts and deeds, efforts and manipulations or maneuvers, they have greater faith.

They have confidence in the formation of groups and gangs, and they have no fear or hesitation in throwing threats and demands in the face of others if Mars is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, or the 11th house.

They are less afraid of the law, order, and system and sometimes feel that money can easily handle law, order, and system. If Saturn is in Libra (exaltation) or his own Rasi, or if Saturn is Lord of the Ascendant in the 9th, this feeling becomes stronger in these citizens (1st house).

Suppose Saturn's Rasi is in the 7th house. In that case, these people try to put their spouse forward in the political, religious, or social arena through reasonable or unfair means and often try to reap benefits under the spouse's cover. If the spouse of the person is not willing or qualified to be put as 'front cover,' they bring for this reason the spouse of a brother/sister or nephew/niece or a trusted friend or follower into the arena.

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