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Saturn in Leo Sign

Saturn in Leo Sign

The native will get irritated, sorted, knowledgeable, and passionate, and your hard work will help you to strive for better growth and ambitions. The native will provide great services. A powerful Saturn will ensure strength, power, and domination. One will even get a lot of help from his or her boss. You will find great writing, and this will enhance your personality in all spheres. Supposedly, if Saturn has a contradiction, the native will have to face a lot of troubles initiated by subordinates. 


The native will not stay good and trustworthy servants. The native will face a lot of trouble in business, and so native is supposed to involve a huge number of laborers. The native will get involve in various complicated issues with the executive or government. And, this will happen due to the death of the subordinates. Native's kid and love affair will remain extremely sound, and also you will get married to any of your close friends or anyone whom you already know. The native will also get hurt and have health-related issues, especially related to the stomach and heart. However, Saturn will have a great outcome for various signs, including Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius ascendants. The impact of the moon, Jupiter, Venus on Saturn will bring out good results. The impact of the sun on Saturn will bring out contradictory consequences. Apart from that, native will face an identity crisis or issues related to existence. He or she will remain poor, unhealthy, and will also be involved in heavy drinking. 

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