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Saturn in Gemini Sign

Saturn in Gemini Sign

The native will have clear intellect and understanding about everything and everyone. One will also witness intellectual success, but he will have a poor bank balance, which means one won't be financially stable. However, there is a chance that the native will secure an important position, and a number of employees will work under him or her. The native will soon get indebted. His personality will include a number of traits, including cunning, shameless, and depressed or gloomy. 


Due to contradictions in the family knot, he will have to go to jail and also face certain serious charges. The native will stay away from his family or relatives. And, after a certain period of time, his point of location will be untraceable. He will face dishonor or disrespect in any public place. Also, he will remain extremely sad, and his childhood days will be sad as well. His siblings will bother him or her. Apart from that, the native will also face severe problems because of education. His short trips will create issues too. 


The native will get married to a foreigner abroad. The native will face a lot of trouble from various legal institutions, and even law officers will bother you. The native will get in touch with any disease in his work field. One will keep on worrying because of his kids. However, your source of income will be more than one, and that will make you financially strong. 


Saturn aspect with Mercury in Gemini for Ascendants of Aries will divert the earning source of income of the native towards writing. It is Saturn here, which puts a limitation on the number of children of the native. Saturn will bring out the positive outcome in various signs such as Taurus, Aquarius, and Pisces Ascendants. Now, this will also allow the native to change the profession without much chaos, only if the Ascendant is Virgo. Now, if the Ascendant is Capricorn, one will face a number of dreadful diseases and will also have many enemies. 

The entire aspect of the Moon or Mercury on Saturn will give good results. He will be virtuous and have favors from the government if Saturn is aspect by Jupiter.


The impact of the Moon or Mercury on Saturn will throw light at positive impact. One will be blessed with virtue, morals, and fortune and will also support the government, but only if Saturn aspects Jupiter. 

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