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Saturn in 4th House

Saturn in 4th House

A complicated place for the person! It usually interferes with the individual's parental security in puberty, childhood, adolescence, and early teens. Several factors may include a split between father and mother, father moving away for subsistence to a distant territory, father or mother's irregular working hours. Other explanations may be because of personal conditions, or the death of one of the parents, the person was given up through adoption or lived with grandparents or uncles or aunts.


Effects of Saturn in the Fourth House

There may also be other issues, such as lack of parental means for proper schooling or proper upbringing according to community expectations or fellow students in the classroom. It may be a father or mother's second marriage that leads to living with a step-parent or step-brothers or step-sisters. If Saturn Mahadasa runs through childhood or early adolescence, these events become all the more bitter and intolerable.


Saturn in the 4th house gives discrepancies between the child and one of the parents if either parent blames nothing more, and the person for disobedience or other faults. The inheritance problem often causes gaps between the child and both parents. In short, Saturn is not pleased until it offers the person any unpleasantness concerning parents.


If the individual is recognized, one of the problems mentioned above could occur there as well. Where tension in ties with natural or adoptive parents is concerned, Saturn will not spare the individual. 

The problem is that the Bhava-Chalitam should confirm Saturn's location in the 4th house, and if Saturn retains its 4th position in the Navamsha-chart, the condition becomes more bitter. 


Under these cases, before the child is 12 years old, it is always easier to have a religious remedy for Saturn. Experience reveals that it reduces Saturn's harmful effects.23 years with Saturn mahadasa or Saturn antardasa.


Sometimes frequent falls and fractures, even deaths, bone injury, injury or deformity of one of the testicles, hernia condition in childhood or early adolescence, are likely to be provided by Saturn in the 4th house. Chances are higher if Venus/Mercury/Jupiter mahadasa happens before. This causes issues in career or work contests, entrance into the profession, and entry into active politics (between the ages of 23 and 35).


After causing issues at the initial stage of entry into life, Saturn does not feel happy. In career, occupation, work, industrial venture, business, etc., it attempts to provide issues and abuse. Why is this so? Since Saturn does damage or damage to the house on which it has full Drishti, it will have full Drishti on the 10th house sitting in the 4th house, which governs father and livelihood (also politics). 


In the 4th house, Saturn also lets an individual perform frequent tours and journeys, giving both the individual and the family inconvenience. If Saturn is in the 4th house, accidental damage to the person or their car or means of transport cannot be removed.


Here, Saturn doesn't pause. It causes inconvenience from domestic servants, other workers, and labor; unexpectedly, domestic help gives up sometimes. The next help takes time to organize, and the person or the partner gets pain. Pilferage, embezzlement, and sabotage were still not ruled out at the hands of workers. But if the mother is alive, she remains in good stead for the person.


Saturn tends to allow (even extract) bribery and illegal gratuities in kind rather than currency. For example, in the Central Public Works Department, a lower division clerk whose role was to send payment-cheques to works-contractors never took a single rupee as a bribe. And he was able to build a four-story spacious house by calling for whole building stock and borrowing the builders from construction technicians and the labor force! And in the 4th house, he had Saturn and Ketu!


Saturn also offers some very favorable outcomes, aside from these nasty ones. It gives the person the desire and ability to carry out building work for social and humanitarian causes, with their own money or with the financial and active assistance and others' help. These ventures include schools, colleges, clinics, pharmacies, night homes for the poor, residences for widows and destitute women, stands for drinking water, human and livestock ponds and tanks, sometimes prayer homes, marriage halls, etc. If citizens do not have their financial capacity, they rely on others to make funds available for these purposes. There is no question that these people are closely connected with and involved in public utility and public service for these reasons.


Then, in every active battle for the country or society, these individuals are victorious warriors. They serve as spies and envoys, who are expert and trustworthy. 


In the automotive/locomotive/airplane industries, they produce expert mechanics, scientists, and technocrats, but not many in the shipping industry. They are not effective instructors, but they render efficient speakers, practical surgeons, orthopedic doctors/technicians, structural engineers, artisans, masons, architects, sculptors, high-rise building construction workers, highways, bridges, and even dams if Venus even has any association in the 4th house with Saturn. 


They also have the propensity and ability to aid people in trouble, people afflicted by flooding or disasters, people affected by famine, masses, and cattle living under malnutrition conditions. They do their best to supply cattle with fodder and other eatables on the death-path in times of drought and famine.


Typically, these people are good friends, make friends slowly (not at first glance or first meeting) and strive to be honest and supportive. Around the same time, if a friend does something wrong to them, they have an apparent propensity towards retaliation, although they are not so vengeful against an adversary.


Or inherited or self-acquired, they own residential land. Still, they do not enjoy continuous residence in it since they are resident in another city or state or country or a residence given by the employer or government or local authority.


As are possibilities, if these individuals are in construction line, they build houses and roads of a dependable kind, not just fallible pigeon-holes being built these days by Development Authorities in every city and town of India. 


Whether belonging to themselves or courtesy to others or employers or neighbors or friends, these citizens have the facility of conveyance. And if they run the risk of getting stuck on the road or the train or at the airport, there might be explanations for this.


And the last stroke of Saturn: these people, whether male or female, develop extra pounds of flesh around the waistline, buttocks, and upper thighs, which adversely affect their blood supply, can cause angina problems and, eventually, severe heart disease., they are not very picky and fault-seeking food.


In medical care of themselves or others, they are neither routine nor prompt; they are given a propensity to take it easy. When they start living apart from their natural mother

These people should go for a daily stroll and walk for the sake of walking. It will save them from waistline pressure and spinal bone trouble and help keep their body weight under the recommended medical limits.

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