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Saturn in 1st House

Saturn in 1st House

This is one of Saturn's most significant positions. Since it very much influences the development of an individual's identity, like all the other stars occupying the 1st House,this position of Saturn takes on prominence.


Depending on the family history of ill health, the person suffers from ill health in one way or the other during childhood. Moreover, the individual often suffers from constipation or a poor digestive system in infancy. But very rarely does the person suffer from an overdose of some disease, pain, etc.


The person gets easily provoked and does not hesitate to take severe physical risks under heavy provocation. Other than that, without any preview of the danger involved, the person is fearless and aggressive.


The individual is of firm resolve, which can be called obstinacy, rigidity, and stubbornness, in other words. During formative years, the person does not keep several goals in mind, has just one goal in mind, at least up to 23 years of age, and pursues those goals with full intensity, vigor, and undivided attention.


Since arriving at a conclusion based on their reasoning plus the essence of advice and guidance obtained from others, the person listens to advice and guidance offered by all but chooses their course of action. One significant argument is that no one should take this person for granted, and he or she does not become a "pocket edition" of another, regardless of the superior attributes, intelligence, learning, rank, qualifications, physical power, and willingness of the other person to inflict harm/damage


Even under the worst possible conditions, the person has the mental and physical ability and appearance to preserve dignity. 

The individual is rarely dressed impressively, believes more in the formation of personal attributes that secure recognition from others based on characteristics and not dependent on the dress and outer appearance. The man, but not bogus individuals and impostors, are friendly and respectful of those who deserve it.


For the opposite sex, these individuals have a weakness because Saturn has direct and more likely complete Drishti (aspect) on the 7th House sitting in the 1st House. They are not likely to have much physical indulgence but may often earn a bad reputation for this weakness.


These people are a little careless about the maintenance of their hair, talk a lot, and move quickly from one topic to another, anxious to show their knowledge and experience to impress the listener with various topics. But in the same breath, they notice whether or not the listener is interested in listening. Their ability to secrecy is one of these people's best qualities, and therefore best suited to function as a spy, intelligence agent, person intended for secret investigations, a secret messenger between people, envoy/ambassador, suitable for commercial intelligence and similar allied jobs. By attracting money, assets, facilities, or even sex, they remain more or less duty-bound. However, one unfavorable point for these people is that others pirate the credit for these people's good work: they mind it but don't bother to take remedial action. 


This takes us to the question of their relationship. These people remain good, genuine, and trustworthy friends as long as they are not cheated by the person(s) opposite, while they are, to a certain degree, mind manipulated. Those people are never involved in the "give and take" mentality of friendship. But when they learn that the other party is pretending to be wise or snobby, they immediately break off the relationship and only rarely encourage it to return to their lives. They are always selfless to an extent, but they do not surrender their selflessness at the altar of cheating and cunningness.


Some people may assume that these people will develop into high-class technocrats because Saturn is a technological star. No, it's very rare because it depends on various considerations, such as whether Rasi is in the 15th House, where the Capricorn and Aquarius of Rasi (owned by Saturn) are located in the birth chart. Saturn's Navamsha and what other stars are in Saturn's business or otherwise connected with it matters. No question, whether these individuals practice science or other technological subjects, due to their undivided research and approach to the subject matter before they give them productivity over the subject, they acquire strong command over the subject. They still know where to find the latest, most current information on the issue or how to get hold of it. 


These people make industrialists successful. And as an employee of every manufacturing unit on the management side, they offer an apparent account of themselves in production and labor management.

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