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Saturn in 5th House

Saturn in 5th House

Saturn makes the person strong-headed, adamant, obstinate, normally one-track-minded, sometimes non-adoptive from the point of view of another person, rather sluggish in interpreting research, less appreciative of art, but more open-minded to music and poetry.


Effect of Saturn in the Fifth House on your life 

If a man, his wife, or a woman experiences a pregnancy loss, sometimes more than once (unless the wife's stars are otherwise supportive). If the 5th house's lord is a male star and occupies a house favorable to the 5th house, she gives birth to a girl child.  In other words, whether the spouse's stars are powerful and helpful, the person has an issue in the matter of progeny, unless the star regulating the progeny portfolio at the time of birth (known as Putra Karaka) is powerful and helpful for a reason. They have no hitch or reluctance, except at a slightly advanced stage, for surgical termination of pregnancy. Their judgment is the foremost priority. 


These people may have concerns against the parents when they are grown up and often generate conflicts of opinion with the parents. Instances have arisen in which parents have ignored and neglected adequate schooling and education, and settlement in the offspring's life. It may then be all ways round.


Some of these persons are affiliated with industrial venture administration, distribution plant, petrol or diesel or lubricant outlet, placement department, automotive outfit, production and sale of farm machinery and equipment establishments. They can also be affiliated with yarn and fabric processing units (including power loom and handloom cloth), agricultural farm administration, leading labour unions, labor supply, and sale, selecting slogan shouters for rallies/demonstrations/election meetings.


And others may be related to operating courier services or working at airports, railway train crew, or ground workers. Any of these people can manage the loading and unloading of goods and manage transshipment yards at godowns for road transport, railway godowns, seaports, and airports, manage weighting centers, or act as food grain brokers-mandi, vegetable-mandi, and fruit-mandi. They may also be related to land surveys for mapping or agriculture, or urbanization. 


The key argument of this relation is that these people appear to be tough taskmasters, can handle unruly labor, keep labor coordinated, and prevent labor strikes as far as possible, but it is also true in the same breath that their propensity to hard-task-master leads to labor strikes. Saturn in the 5th house is also a two-edged tool in terms of labor control. 

These people have no high morals. Their first and foremost interest is the delivery of the work or duty performed or delegated.

On their own, they are not intimate friends or bitter enemies of anyone without a particular cause or purpose. They're only friendly about their work. Similarly, they believe in God but are not given regular prayers, etc., unless some difficulty, issue, or situation warrants it. Then, in prayers, they are quite regular, but only until the job/task is done or the trouble is over. 


In the philosophy of pure or filthy ideas or even acts, they rarely have faith. In their interest, they consider an action necessary and go forward with it.

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