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Saturn in 11th House

Saturn in 11th House

This is one of Saturn's strongest positions, regardless of where Rasi is in the 11th house and wherever Saturn-owned Rasis is in the birth chart. Daily income and earnings are often guaranteed for the person. For several years, the person remains active in life. The person may have to start earning early, say between the ages of 14 and 18, if Mars or Rahu, or Herschell are in the 4th house.

Effects of Saturn in 11th House

The person starts with small or meager sales but gradually and progressively reaches high levels of earnings and direct and indirect profits.

As often happens in people in positions of power and authority, the person does not have much difference between fair and unequal in-flow of money in their own hands or the hands of spouses or other members of the immediate family. The explanation is clear. The 10th house governs the profession, politics, industry, occupation, vocation, income source, money, savings, and movable, and immovable assets are often the second house of any given house.

More broadly defined, it is noted that persons with Saturn in the 11th house either have more than one source of income, or both husband and wife earn effectively, or in the immediate (joint) family, there are at least two active earning members. "It must be noted that the very essence of Saturn is "slow and steady."Subjects that may constitute an individual's income source have already been alluded to in previous paragraphs in the current chapter on Saturn.

However, in the repetition of a few of them, there is harm. There are production firms, processing units, petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, edible oils, industry, or trade (especially groundnut, linseed, sesame, and cottonseed oils). It also includes machinery and spare parts dealing, labor supply agency running, placement services, engineering/scientific/technical specialist recruitment agency, courier service running, freight and customs clearance service, trade union leadership, rally/procession/meeting/demonstration/picketing mass collection, etc.

Saturn also deals with blackmailing, stealing, hoarding, profiteering, abduction for ransom, or other purposes in the 11th house.

In politics and gaining influence by fair or foul means, Saturn in the 11th house is vital. These citizens also make charitable donations or indirect financial support to politicians because of strong revenue levels. The person assumes a kingmaker's position at the panchayat, district or county, state, or even national level if Saturn is very high in the 11th house and has Sun or Mars support.

In this sense, Saturn is lord of the 12th or 1st house and occupies the 11th house. It can be more or less taken for granted that any part of the money spent on politicians or politics, whether by legitimate or crooked means and methods, will be encompassed by the citizen.

These people are brave and courageous, without much fear, whether in a personal fighting community fighting or fighting for the state or country. They show influential defense strategists and specialists in the production of useful weaponry for ordnance. Competent police or security officers are created, but seldom of high integrity.

They are often keen to leverage the labor force and, at the same time, to extract higher prices for their commodity or output, whether these individuals are in the field of business or manufacturing. If possible, they can do so by degrading consistency, mischief in quantity or adulteration, etc., employing all sorts of crude methods.

However, one barrier remains in these underhand operations. If Jupiter is in the 5th or 9th house, the individual will refuse to engage in mischievous income enhancement methods. If one's own progeny is grown enough to understand the primitive practices, or if a brother or sister of himself or spouse is a participant in the operation, this impact is intensified all the more. But if nothing more than an employee or salaried boss is the brother or sister of the self or partner, that person will not be able to cut much ice in reducing the mischief in the mischievous operation.

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