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Saturn in 8th House

Saturn in 8th House

For Saturn, this is a mixed situation, as it is for other hard stars like Mars, Sun, Rahu, Herschell, and Neptune to incorporate or minimize Saturn's positive and poor outcomes in the 8th house. In terms of income sources, these hard stars offer advantages but give minor or major health complaints, especially when these stars have their mahadasha or antardasa.


Effect of Saturn in the Eighth House

Thus, Saturn gives higher income in the 8th house, helps recover old loans and old dues, provides space for a source of income expansion if the income source is an industrial venture or some other.

When  Jupiter is in the 6th or 12th house, the person may be accused of tax evasion, direct smuggling, or supplying smugglers with refuge or other accommodation or financial help. This position offers scope for searches and arrests, inquiries, surveys, investigations, and even individual legal action. 


If Saturn owns the 4th, 7th, or 11th house and is in the 8th house, the person may be accused in childhood of minor robberies inside the house and bigger theft/embezzlement or pilferage adulthood. Parents must teach the child good integrity and truthfulness if they see Saturn's place in a child's birth chart. They should let the child know the threats and hazards of fraud, embezzlement, and pilferage involved in this bad habit.


These individuals prove valiant and vigilant warriors on the battlefield, facing casualties and wounds, not giving quick retreat. In combat, fighting, frontier skirmishes, they prove to be expert and practical strategists and are foresighted planners in matters relating to the ordnance. They show their ability to handle transport equipment in emergency conditions in the defence and police forces.


They are good at labor relations and related topics, generated or agitated by labor. These people are trained engineers, particularly for developing new industries, the procurement of large and small machines, and installing and commissioning machines into production. 


As far as health is concerned, these people must always be vigilant, mainly when Saturn is in transit through the 4th, 8th, or 12th house, or if Saturn has its mahadasa with any star's Antardasa in a 6:8 relationship with Saturn or the antardasa of Saturn under any mahadasa of any other star. Saturn is capable of offering long-term sickness, including septic or gangrenous wound(s). Likewise, if a bone(s) fracture(s), healing may take time, and any disability may still be left behind, which can result in complaints under climatic conditions. Saturn can also cause tuberculosis, cancer, etc., Venereal disease (when seeking assistance in this name from Mars or Neptune) (especially if Mars is in 2nd, 7th, or the 12th house or Venus is in 6th or 8th or the 12th house).


Saturn is capable of forcing any limb or part of the body to become invalid or ineffectual. But it has to be noted carefully that Saturn in the 8" house ordinarily grants long life to a person, notwithstanding any impairment. Any limb or part or function of the body is null or ineffective.


People with Saturn in the 8th house should stay away from the opposite sex's freelance mentality and avoid extra-marital relations or informal interactions for clean and comfortable health with the opposite sex. Furthermore, whatever the burden from the family on either side, the person should not be cruel to the partner, because (a) first, there is still scope in the matter for police or legal action; and (b) second, danger to the spouse's life and limb. This refers both to a husband and a wife. Print and visual media often publicize reports of the wife's torture by the husband or his relatives. Still, there are equally severe instances of stalking, blackmailing, and torturing the husband or his family by the wife and her family. Still, the news is barely reported in the media.


Saturn also gives settlement in a town or district, or state nation other than one's native one. However, to stay away from any legal issue linked to abuse and even from the opposite sex, the person should pay careful attention because the chances are high for police action, including prosecution and more legal action in the matter. Therefore, due to commission and absence of the person his or herself, high income in a town or nation other than one's native one will not prove absolute and equal reward for unregal issues.


Even in foreign countries, there would still be good and loyal mates, and they would come forward in the event of harm to the person. But in the case of police or civil action of some sort against the individual, a friend will hardly come forward to assist or help.


As has already been suggested above, an astrologer should not neglect the contemporary position of Jupiter (and occasionally Mars too) in both the Birth-chart and Navamsha-chart when analyzing the position of Saturn in the 8th house in the Birth-chart or Navamsha-chart.

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