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Saturn in Cancer Sign

Saturn in Cancer Sign

The native will have strong and amazing connectivity with his mother. Native's love and care for his wife will keep on escalating. In the early stages of his life, his financial growth will be limited, and even he will have poor health. Apart from that, he will also face issues like a toothache. Inappropriate positioning of the Saturn will give him, or her impeccable trouble and problems as his way of imagination and intervention of supernatural agencies will keep him or her preoccupied. He will also suffer a lot in business. 

Towards the end, you will face a lot of difficulties and troubles. The native will die abroad, and the reason behind his death will be drowning. The native will not have a strong or eminent relationship with the relatives. Still, he will reach a better position in life. Saturn will stay in touch with the owner of the twelfth house, including the sun, the Rahu. Even the dispositors of one or more of the three planets will ensure the house change numerous times. 

Saturn ensures a contradictory pattern for the chart at the previous combination. And, because of this moon appears to be weak in the horoscope. Apart from that, the major and sub-period prove out to be extremely harsh and bad for your mother. It is true that natives will not be witty, intelligent, or have a sharp memory. In this sign particularly, native will witness astonishing advantages, but only if the Ascendant is Taurus. However, it is true that the native will not have any children. Apart from that, Saturn will bring out the greater outcome in this sign, especially for the ascendants of Libra and Virgo. 

For Sagittarius Ascendants, Saturn in this particular sign will ensure childlessness. If the Ascendant is Capricorn, in this sign, Saturn will act as a Maraka. The poor and weak Saturn, or relation or Sambandh has unfavorable planets, and this can cause the native problems related to health, which means Aquarius in the first house. The impact of Jupiter on Saturn will cause a lot of problems between the native and your mother. 

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