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Saturn in Different Houses & Signs

It is worth noting that Saturn is a tough world. Under the influence of every planet, it does not fail to provide results, not even when it is combusted in accordance with the Sun, since Saturn is considered to be the son of the Sun. Each father wants May's son to prove better in any respect compared to his father. There is also a very popular saying in Sanskrit:

“Parajayam ichchet Putraadapi Sishyaadapi”

Which means, wishing your son to defeat all others. Just two other planets which are considered as powerful as Saturn, namely Mars and Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet, and if it is in contact with Saturn, Rahu increases Saturn's power.

Effects of Saturn in different Houses and Signs

Saturn is known as the planets which is considered as messenger. Because of this classification, Saturn is the lord of communications, the ruler of the labor class, the guide and protector of the down-trodden and of the suffering group in the social system (of every mode and form, every method). It is also the master of steel and iron, as well as gas (petrol),Both sorts of edible and mechanical oils, including the bone-structure of the skull in the body. It is common fact that a body without much flesh or muscle can live and function, but it cannot exist without blood and bones.

It is clear that Mars is the only other solid planet to be compared to Saturn, and Mars and Saturn also work together. For instance, power (electricity), governed by Mars, and is basically required in any communication system. And similarly, Mars rules the blood when it comes to the body. 

Saturn, in turn, rules the hair against the skin. Mars and Saturn are die-hard rivals, but they work in harmony for the people living on the earth and work to protect animal and human life. It may seem weird, but astrologically it is true. Mars is the lord of the earth, while Saturn is the lord of rocks and mountains. Thus, for the sake living beings, these two bitter rivals cooperate and work with each other.

It is also noteworthy that from all astrology planets, Saturn is the slowest planet. Although Herschel, Neptune and Pluto travel slightly slower than Saturn, but are very far from Earth, these three stars do not affect the affairs and lives of a person. Apart from that, these planets are also considered in Vedic Astrology.

In transit movement from one Zodiac sign to the next, Saturn takes, on average, 2 and a half years, and completes a round of all the twelve signs in around 28 to 30 years.

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