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Rahu in Virgo

Rahu in Virgo

To study role/impact of Rahu in Virgo sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Virgo persons. Virgo is under the governance of Mercury, which is an essentially airy planet.  Rahu also has an airy quality to his persona, but he occupies an earthy sign.  Mercury and Rahu share eminently positive vibrations.  Rahu gives the native dreams to soar, but Virgo’s gravitational pull keeps the native well-grounded to reality.  Rahu is the significator of skill, whereas Mercury signifies wit and sharpness of the mind. 

Virgo Personality with Rahu

This is a highly fortunate position for Rahu to be in.  Their life would show constant twists and turns, and they usually have an imbalanced lifestyle.  They are utterly careless in thought, word and deed.  They are quite unpredictable in his ways, and so is their life, disorganized and ill-planned.  

Virgo Profession/Career with Rahu

These are a perfect fit for managerial jobs.  Apart from this, they have an intense yearning to become a celebrity and a solid reputation following that. They are the people with firm convictions and an immense fortitude to go all the way towards the end to achieve their purpose.  They know no fear and win every battle they get entangled in.  Their highly argumentative streak would help them to be good orators and perfect negotiators.  Challenges may tap at their doors often, but these natives directly confront them by rising to the occasion.  Rahu in Virgo will always be politically correct concerning their decisions, plans, and words.  These people tend to reach a position of authority in some field or government.  Business and writing are their other preoccupations.  But they have to ride on difficult terrain, and it would be nothing short of a bumpy ride.

Virgo Career/Profession with Rahu

Unable to find a clear goal for his future, they choose grandiose things and impractical plans.  They are constant worriers despite having a clean and problem-less life.  These natives are not known to set boundaries with others and be individualistic.  They usually cross the boundaries that others have set for them and get into trouble.  These natives lag behind schedule usually at work and does not update themselves on the latest developments in their field of work at all times. 

This combination is tailor-made for communication and business.  Media politics, management, and banking catch his attention when choosing a career.  You can find eminent researchers, mass communications specialists, scientists.  And Civil architects were born under this influence.  They deal with the public in a quiet, balanced way, and they are perfectionists and analytical wizards who pay meticulous attention to their health and personal hygiene.  Reasoning and Logic are the backbones that help them walk erect and succeed in the hardheaded world of today.

Virgo Health with Rahu

Due to the immense strains and stress resulting from a fast-paced life, they usually fall prey to health ailments.  

Virgo with Rahu in Past life

How were Virgo with Rahu in past life? They were ordinary and inconspicuous persons in their last lifetime. They lacked opportunities to make it big in life. They are very stable and persevering in this lifetime, because of the experience, and get many opportunities which they have to make use of very methodically.  They would be blessed with sudden access to wealth. 

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