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Rahu in Taurus

Rahu in Taurus

To study role/impact of Rahu in Taurus sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Taurus persons. Rahu brings a host of beneficial results to Taurus as it is the point of exaltation. Combined with the earthy Taurus, Rahu helps these Natives achieve stability and constancy in his life. Venus, the ruling deity for Taurus, governs the area of love and the life partner.  

Taurus Personality with Rahu

Well respected and recognized by the government, these natives are usually well connected and have a large social circle. Being emotionally high-strung, nasty-tempered, and constantly bad-mouthing others, they revel in arguments uncalled for. Their words spew poison, their actions smack of deceit and selfishness, and their attitude and thoughts border on the negative. Others find their sudden and frequent panic attacks and their confusions bewildering. They are one of those who have a constant grouse against people and life in general. Discontent marks their disposition. Foreign locations and people appeal to them, while they may despise the people close to them. Like anybody else, they love creature comforts the media and engage in relaxation pursuits.

Taurus Finance/profession with Rahu

Property and real assets are the other blessings showered by Rahu in Taurus. These are the true prodigal children whose extravagance knows no bounds. Splurging on luxury items is a habit with them. They are prone to addictions of any kind and shady financial background. A strongly positioned Rahu would inspire these natives to use their gift of the gab and excellent writing ability to elevate them to heights of success. In the case of a badly placed Rahu, they would be prone to misuse their abilities for expression for gaining wealth and creature comforts through illegal means. The cosmetic industry and interior decoration are their forte. Although these natives have some negative shades to their personality, including greed, & dishonesty, they will live a comfortable life. These Natives are interested in the arts. These natives find it difficult to balance different aspects of life. They know how to manage money, but they would be deemed as misers/extravagant or workaholic/lazy when having an excess of it.

Taurus Love/health with Rahu 

Rahu denotes anything that has a foreign touch to it, and hence people with this conjunction usually marry from outside their caste. They are lovers of nature and everything beautiful. 

Some of the most romantic and creative persons are born under this planetary influence. Rahu related to the 5th, or 7th house would induce them to indulge in extramarital affairs. Personal magnetism attracts the opposite sex like iron filings. Overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion, an overdose of medicines, or frequent use of medicines, unethical engagement with women, addictions, hidden artistic talents, and secret intrigues would take things to their logical end and destroy their life prospects.  

Taurus with Rahu in Past life

How were Taurus with Rahu in past life? These natives engaged in underworld activities in their last life and used unfair means to satisfy their carnal desires. They had a distorted love life. They misused their powerful status in society. Their needs to learn compassion, trustworthiness, loyalty, practicality, reliability, perseverance, and an ability to balance both spiritual and material pursuits. Although it is a lot of struggles, they would be moderately well off this lifetime. They should often visit temples and places of pilgrimage to compensate for their misdeeds of the past.
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