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Rahu in 6th House

Rahu in 6th House

This is ideal for Rahu, anyway; Rahu isn't especially fruitful in this house in case it is isolated from every other person. The positioning of Rahu in this House does not appear to be extremely beneficial as it causes a lot of ups and downs. It is feasible in case it is identified with a solid star inside at the most 15 degrees. If it is in this way, Rahu would give extraordinary prosperity, would fix any torment, infection, or sickness rather quickly (anyway not perpetually – chances of rehash loom over). At this angle, Rahu gives an amazing and astonishing turn to your life and will save you from all the troubles, including the financial, emotional, and physical issues. 

Impact of Rahu in the 6th house on your life

In case the stars identified with Rahu in the 6th house are Mars, Saturn, or even Sun or Herschell, Rahu would be valuable and practical in putting down or persuading the adversaries, foes, and opponents or competitors. At this particular stage, Rahu brings put some amazing plus practical results, which has a greater impact. In case Rahu is in the mix with Mars or Saturn or Sun or Herschell, it makes the relatives, at any rate, one of them, more luxurious than the watchmen. If Rahu is in the association of Mercury, the relatives would be tactless about books and exercise books and scratch pads. They would be unusual in their homework too up to the hour of fourteen years. They would not take much interest in completing their homework for a longer period of time, which will be ultimately the cause of the problem in the future.


If Venus is with Rahu in the 6th house, the individual would appreciate an extra-marital relationship, which may get perceived and hurt the individual's representing a long time. The individual might develop a strong inclination towards somewhere else, and this will be one of the main reasons behind the development of a relationship with others. Undeniably, this act will also be hurtful to the loved ones. Now and again, it might provoke loss of face and money both in one go. One will also lose popularity or fame and will also not enjoy financial stability anymore. If it is a case of a female, she might be cheated in issues of money and assets by the sweetheart. There are typical chances where you will stay sad and depressed because your partner will cheat on you, and this will cause you immense trouble and issues. If Jupiter is in the 6th house identified with Rahu, the individual would feel incited to appreciate indictment and might win a segment of the events. In suit among a couple, the responding social event would be at a good position, and if possible, such a chance should be avoided. Attending any social event will be immensely beneficial. 


There can be a lack of money or assets by cheating, burglary or speculation, or money advancing. On the occasion that Moon and Rahu are together in the 6th house, anyway it transforms into an Eclipse mix, the individual is in a favored situation, as Moon would not be productive in making the individuals anguishing individual or an introvert. Individuals with Rahu in the six house are generally freed from commitments, and they keep up incredible regard in friends' drift and watching out. Often they will look out for their monetary arrangement and endeavor to remain inside requirements of capacity to spend whatever the occasion. It is hard to instigate these individuals to spend wastefully. However, seeking monetary help will be common, and so there will always be a need for money and immense financial assistance. 

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