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Rahu in 7th House

Rahu in 7th House

Often the spouse has a sharp experience of ego, and concord in married life would rely on the positioning of the lords of the 1st and the 7th residence. Now, it will have a severe impact on the relationship with the powerful and enhancing Rahu. 

Impact of Rahu in the 7th house on your life 

When soft planets such as Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus are in the seventh house, the married life will be outstanding. Now, If Mars or Saturn (to an extent Sun too) be there in the 7th house within the 12 stages of Rahu, the married lifestyles would be uneven, often accomplishing the point of separation or parting agency permanently. In this context, it is tremendous to re-read the influence of Mars or Saturn in the seventh house in their respective chapters earlier. Since the 7th residence concerns enterprise or regular transactions and deals, Rahu in this house gets more importance. The 7thhouse concerns the seller, and occasionally the vendor stands on ego and thereby unexpectedly misses the finalization of the deal or transaction, and later regrets it. However, Rahu ensures that each customer and seller are easy in the deal, and no unethical behavior is involved in the matter. If in a deal, one birthday party is of a non-business man or woman and the other party is of an everyday dealer or enterprise person, the non-business individual has to continue to be alert as the normal commercial enterprise character would possibly take undue advantage of the lack of enterprise gambit and procedures of the non-business individual. 


As the seventh residence issues quarrels, fights, battles, and warfare too, Rahu in the seventh house, the character makes empty noises; however, one has much less braveness and boldness to fight as a fearless person or as a warrior. No doubt these persons are desirable strategists, but there too, they give in to a factor of the dispute rather easily, barring a good deal of statement or argument. There are chances of quarrels or disputes is between husband and wife; the husband would have a top hand when a male Rasi (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, etc.) is lo in the seventh place. In the case of female Rasi (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, etc.) in the seventh house, the wife would have the remaining word. 


Rahu in the seventh house can provide minor complaints relating to the private parts, supplied a difficult planet is neither in the seventh house nor has a direct Drishti on the 7th residence (and Rahu therein) from the 1st house. If the challenging planets have an effect on or interference were there, the bother would be more extreme and would take a longer time to cure. 

And the relatively ridiculous impact of Rahu in the seventh residence is that the person might make use of the spouse to win favors, to get a certain job done, or to earn money or gifts in kind. However, there are changes, such as when Mars is in the 7th house with Rahu, the wife might take it upon herself. However, if Saturn is associated with Rahu in the seventh house, the individual would show no qualms in pressurizing the partner to use her charms. 


A vital influence of Rahu in the seventh residence is that it impacts the intercourse force between the couple. Now, Mars happens to be lord of the 1st or the 7th residence, and Saturn will be positioned in the 1st or the 7th house, or Saturn is lord of the 1st' or the seventh house, and Mars is in the 1st or the 7th house. The woman is likely to get her menopause at an early age than normal. Also, this kind of planetary state of affairs in a female's Birth chart restricts the range of adolescents she can bear. 


The seventh house includes very sensitive and refined questions pertaining to the non-public lifestyles of an individual, whether or not male or female. The astrologer has to proceed with excellent care and warning in the study of the horoscope and expression of views, as often human beings sense hurt, even if the study and views of the astrologer are correct. It discourages the purchasers from paying a repeated go to the astrologer for consultation, and people with harmful feelings have a tendency to terrible mouth astrology. There are very few humans who prefer a frank, trustworthy, and right study of their Birth-chart or that of the spouse. 


When Rahu is in the 7th house, the spouse often experiences feelings of ego. The physical relation between husband and wife comes under the influence of the position of Rahu. 


People who have their Rahu in the 7th house often experience problems with their private parts. As has been discussed earlier, the concern becomes stronger if the challenging planets have an effect on it; thereby, it can take a longer time to cure and hence to cause problems in the life of the individual. Regarding women, the problems occur with the menstrual cycle. A woman is likely to get her menopause at an earlier age, which is never a good sign as it causes further health problems. This kind of position of planets relating to the birth-chart of a female puts a limit on the range of adolescents that she can probably bear.


Regarding the career of an individual whose Rahu is in the 7th house, mainly related to the relation between sellers and vendors, as discussed earlier, there can be ego clashes between them and ultimately results in issues while finalizing the deals or transactions.


If you wish to resolve the problems related to the residence of Rahu in the 7th house, individuals should have proper conversations with the astrologers, and even the astrologer should be very cautious and experienced in his or her work. Proper discussions with an astrologer regarding birth-chart and proper follow up of the remedies. 

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