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Rahu in Scorpio

Rahu in Scorpio

To study role/impact of Rahu in Scorpio sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Aries Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of Mars, usually inimical towards Rahu. While Scorpio is intensely secretive with an aura of mystery around it, Rahu similarly stores every confidential information and knowledge hitherto seen and heard. This planetary confluence intensifies the mysterious element and makes him exceedingly secretive in his ways. 

Scorpio Personality with Rahu

You can never make a correct guess about their next move. The adage “appearances are deceptive” mostly aptly applies to them. Rahu also confers some paranormal powers and mystical knowledge. You can also experience their intuitive abilities within a couple of interactions with them. They are spontaneous, acts on their gut instincts, and have an indomitable will. They are very sentimental about their personal belongings. Their volatile mindset does not let them be in peace in business partnerships and spouse. They are always seen exerting a tight grip over others to bring them under their control. To them, they are always right, and others are wrong at every step. Overall, these are very compassionate and caring individuals

Scorpio Career/Profession with Rahu

They are blessed with strength and fortitude and outwit their enemies in their own game. These natives make good researchers. Although affluence comes rather easily into their lives, their wealth will be misdirected in the wrong channels. They are lazy to the bone and look forward to taking the shortest possible routes to success. Sometimes, they could turn out to be antisocial or criminal elements. Natives with some positive influence of Rahu may opt for the medical field and surgery. They find job fulfillment in the R and D departments. They are likely to have an excellent academic record of accomplishment if they channelize themselves in the fields of medicine and surgery. 

Scorpio Health/love with Rahu

Rahu in Scorpio inflicts ailments and sicknesses on the native. Native is accident-prone with this planetary combination. Strains and stresses are an integral part of their lives. Since Scorpio is the natural eighth house of the zodiac, the presence of Rahu in the Scorpio affects their longevity as well. Rahu’s influence in Scorpio indicates minor health afflictions. Nervous breakdown is common in their cases as some perplexing and strange fears bother them. They would not withstand the pressure of the intense spiritual emotions and situations in their daily lives

Although emotional security is his imminent need, they are not accommodating in their relationships. Their narrow mindset always backfires on them in every instance and situation. You can find some highly sentimental people who display emotions at the drop of a hat, born under this sign. Containing a well of emotions behind their well-preserved exterior comes easy for these natives. Their mysterious demeanor can perplex anybody who wishes to know them better. If Mars is well placed, these deeper emotions can ripen, and the onset of new maturity would only help their worldview. Scorpio stands for transformation. The natives, hardened due to the deeper emotional scars of their lives, plunge into spirituality to find enlightenment. With Mars located unfavorably, these natives find it impossible to deal with the overwhelming energy of Rahu. They are drama experts when it comes to the public display of emotions. 

Scorpio with Rahu in past life

How were Scorpio with Rahu in past life? These natives did not care for learning advanced knowledge from the universe; instead, they focused on material comforts all their lifetimes. They went through their routine life mechanically and did not heed wise advice. During this lifetime, they would have mental unrest and use their hidden mental energies to get anything anytime they want. They are polite and gentle if everything goes well for them. They may forget others' mistakes, but they never forgive.

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