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Rahu in Sagittarius

Rahu in Sagittarius

To study role/impact of Rahu in Sagittarius sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Sagittarius persons. Sagittarius is a dual sign. The native under this influence suffers from a dual mentality. However, it augurs well spiritual achievements and advanced learning. 

Sagittarius Personality with Rahu

Such people would be erudite scholars that strive to achieve higher realms of learning. Although these natives are very spiritually inclined, their attitude drifts towards hypocrisy and moral corruption. Their spiritual pretense leads them to believe that they are spiritual achievers, but they do not hold strong convictions in this area. Living in an imaginary world, they face difficulty in interpersonal relationships, especially with their fathers and relatives with whom they prefer to be hostile. They may get a chance to go overseas. Due to being argumentative, usually heated debates appeal to them. They do not get desired results for all their well-meaning efforts. Hence, they are the born rebels who question the authority and the old-fashioned school of thought. Sagittarius indicates optimism. A beneficial Jupiter heightens their optimism which would be of benefit to them. They are positive in the face of adversity and unshakeable in their beliefs. Their energy levels do not dip even when faced with challenging situations. They are excessively righteous. The native suffers from paranoia, blind faith, and unreal beliefs with Jupiter badly placed. 

Sagittarius Career/profession with Rahu

They are the last people on the list to be media reporters as they rely on their intuition to report the matters in the city. They are of the wavering mind, which fluctuates from time to time. They are skilled planners with amazing foresight. They are intelligent people who do not need any degree to flaunt them. If weakly disposed, e Jupiter will let them take unethical ways to get what they want, be it status or higher positions. Inability to judge situations and people, these natives would not be able to climb the ladder of success in the way they want. They nurture an unrealistic hope that all will be well in time. Their overconfidence will be a boon while judging the situation if Jupiter is favorable. If not, their judgment would be critically wrong. 

Sagittarius Finance with Rahu

These natives’ stoop to any level of ethics to earn their wealth. Otherwise, a benefic Jupiter would help them balance their spirituality and value system acceptably and let them go on the righteous path. Their personality would border on the materialistic, greedy side with a malefic Jupiter. Jupiter points the way to greater vistas spiritually and emotionally. They gain through their social network and begin a new philosophical line of thought or a working initiative in the education field. Developing a positive personality and strength would help them surmount any challenge that they may face in their lives. 

Sagittarius with Rahu in Past life

How were Sagittarius with Rahu in past life? Their past lives were spent in communicative and intellectual activities. They had to deal with others constantly and fulfill their obligations towards them. Now, impatient for results, these natives show impulsive and independent attitudes. They would love to be engaged in public affairs and gain esoteric knowledge without trying specifically for it. They are, at the same time, materialistic as well as humanitarians. 

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