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Rahu in Pisces

Rahu in Pisces

To study role/impact of Rahu in Pisces sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Pisces persons. Rahu's deep spirituality, intuition, and mysticism reconcile very well with the dreamy, imaginative fantasy-ridden world of the Pisces. An airy planet in a water sign adds to the depth and meaning of the spiritual journey. 

Pisces Personality with Rahu

These natives are deep thinkers. These natives could become authentic and genuine spiritual experts with Jupiter's support. Their suffering is mostly imaginative and worrying for no reason occupies them in their free time. Battling with the worries seems to be the challenge they need to overcome. Finally, their belief and trust in God are severely affected due to this constant inner battle that is going on. They are constantly in guilt and worrying is their second nature. They usually are known to face serious adversities which they will not overcome without the benign presence of Jupiter in their charts. These natives mostly use their extravagant display of emotions to manipulate others. Their tendency to overdramatize stems from their emotional insecurity and want of love from others. They would also have distressing nightmares that produce a spectrum of intense emotions in them, which they manage to subdue by some mental dynamics known only to them. So, this also enables them to handle high voltage situations in normal life. They also use their emotions to rectify problematic situations in the lives of others. This is due to the righteous influence of Jupiter on them. They influence others with their ethical and philosophical approach to life. They keep their emotions well under check, and things would go haywire only if Jupiter is ill-disposed in the chart. Lacking this value, the natives with a badly placed Jupiter would turn out to be excellent manipulators that betray others every step of the way.

Pisces Profession/career with Rahu

Rahu in Pisces is problematic for business affairs. Mostly the native engages in tours, uncalled for. This combination encourages overseas travel. God willing, they can even settle abroad. "Putting in the best efforts and getting lukewarm and meager results" describes the story of their life. They are highly adaptable to new circumstances/. Flexibility in thought processes helps them tackle any issue with confidence. The analysis seems to be their forte. These natives have explosive imagination that helps them create great works of art. An excessive desire for physical pleasure characterizes their personality.

Pisces Health/Love with Rahu

Psychological disturbances and distresses are also a possibility. Insomnia could bog their health down. Due to their detached view concerning life and relationship, they are likely to encounter marital problems.

Pisces with Rahu in Past life

How were Pisces with Rahu in past life? They were extremely organized and detail-oriented in their last births. They spent their entire life in discriminating conditions; endurance, research work, and efficiency are to be learned by them in this lifetime. They believe in being compassionate and empathetic and not just cold and logical always.

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